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Texas Cop Pulls Tampon Out Of Woman During Cavity Search

A Texas woman will receive a huge payday after she was absolutely violated by a local police officer. The city of San Antonio has agreed to pay Natalie Simms, 40, after she sued them and ex-Detective Mara Wilson who removed Simms’ tampon during a public cavity search.

The New York Post reports that Simms was sitting on a side street waiting for her boyfriend in August 2016 when police arrived and asked to search her and her vehicle, believing she might have illegal drugs.

Things then went left when Detective Wilson told the woman to “spread her legs” so she could “look” and check her for drugs.

The Post reports that in a transcript of dashcam footage the Detective asked if she was hiding anything in her vagina, Simms said “no,” but then told Detective Wilson that she was on her period.

The Detective then reached inside Simm’s pants and underwear and pulled the string attached to the tampon. To make matters worse there were several male officers on the scene and Simms say she was humiliated.

“She pulled open Natalie’s pants and underwear and used her flashlight to look at the area,” the lawsuit states.

“Officer Wilson chose to reach into Natalie’s pants and pull the string attached to a tampon.”

The tampon was removed on a public road with five male officers nearby, the lawsuit states.

“It’s full of blood, right? Why would you do that?” Simms asked.

“I don’t know. It looked like it had stuff in there,” Detective Wilson said.

Simms reports that the officer also told her she was “very hairy.” She says she was befuddled that a cavity search was being done without a warrant, in public and with no medical personnel nearby.

Detective Wilson was never reprimanded for her actions but retired nine months after the incident.

Natalie Simms’ $205,000 settlement is expected to be processed Thursday—she’s owed much more for her pain and suffering.


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