Amber Guyger files court doc with intent to appeal murder conviction

Ho, Stay Seated: Amber Guyger’s Lawyer Announces That She Plans To Appeal Murder Conviction

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Amber Guyger

Source: Mesquite PD / Mesquite PD

Amber Guyger Files Court Doc To Appeal Botham Jean Murder Conviction

Amber Guyger cried crocodile tears of “remorse” in the face of Botham Jean’s family and they actually felt bad for her. Amber’s faux show of contrition even got a Black bailiff to brush her hair gently, and got judge Tammy Kemp to hug her and give her a bible.

All that was bulls#!t.

According to NBCDFW, Guyger’s lawyer filed a court document stating that they intend to appeal her murder conviction and her 10-year sentence.

Legal analyst Ed Klein told KRLD the filing is a procedural matter that extends the timetable to file an appeal for up to 90 days. The filing does not guarantee that Guyger’s attorneys will file an appeal in the case.

“Procedural” or not, the idea of Guyger making any attempt to skirt responsibility for something she OBVIOUSLY did is infuriating.

Also, this.

Go to jail, ho. Hold that “L” and suffer in silence. We’re done with you here in civil society.



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