Love All Up in the Air… We Guess

- By Bossip Staff

Mariah and Nick were spotted in the back of their whip getting real close and comfy.  If they haven’t made a baby already, it looks like they are well on their way. More flicks of the twosome under the hood.

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  • lani3000

    Oh snap! Thats the social worker!

  • Moreaces

    I saw this pic on three (3) other sites YESTERDAY

  • trs

    I idn’t think that they would make it but they always look pretty happy! Good for them!

  • Is Rihanna's sharp n pointy witchy fingernails took the oath banned

    they look happy and in-love. nice look, MCC

  • pynklyzurd14

    well, i still can’t believe she married Nick Cannon, but good 4 them. They look happy, I hope it works out for them.

  • Aunt Viv

    I’m rooting for them now…

  • MizASterling

    She looks like she could be his mother.

  • God's Child

    I love them together.

  • Let's be good to one another

    I really like this couple. Nick says that he was in love with her a few years before they got together, but she did not think he was serious.

    I think the reasons why folks hate on them is because a) she is older b)they are both rich c) Black folks act like other married Black folks are not supposed to be happy.

    Let’s let the Cannon’s grow old together without dangling poison over their marriage! God Bless this Family~

  • GQ

    I now they both are real happy………………..

    God bless both of them…………………

  • Choco

    Good for them but who cares…



  • vette

    That is really sweet! I think she deserves to be happy!

  • Laurie Farmer

    Just beautiful. God bless their union.

  • eveinthegarden

    God Bless ’em!

  • Adrienne K

    Nick obviously makes her happy. I have never seen her smile so much, they are a happy cute couple. I wish them all the best in the world!

  • aleximaq

    It must be nice….

  • Tropical English

    If folks can still talk trash about this union after seeing them laid up, smiling and just content with their world…… man, ya’ll need to find love ya’ll selves cause that is some deeeeeeep rooted bitterness. Ugh!

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