Did Oprah Get Into Palin’s Cakes, Or Did She Handle It With A Journalistic Approach??

- By Bossip Staff

If you missed Oprah’s snide and snark comments yesterday to “Prissy” Palin, then you are in luck. We have the full interview below.

Pop it and watch it

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Oprah is an awesome journalist still, we must admit.

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  • Aunt Viv

    Palin looks possessed in that picture…

  • 2dimplzs

    I think Oprah did both. She asked the questions that we all wanted to know. Sarah Palin still sounds like the hill-billy hick that she is. She has gained a lot of fan fare for bringing her racist views to the forefront and being the voice of the many racist Americans BUT she’s dumb as snot and there is no way on God’s green earth someone could be ok with her lack of smarts politically or otherwise – to run this country!!! We endured dub-ya Jr. – that should have been enough torture!!!!!!

  • MizASterling


  • Nique

    LOL @ Sarah Palin squeezing out the last 2 mins of her 15.

    Is it me or does she has that Minnesota accent??

    “ya know”

  • Nique


  • tb

    I didn’t know school was out. Why is is Palin’s kids are never in school?

    Why it look like Oprah squeezing the hell out of Palin and her daughter?

  • Samuel L. Jackson Beer

    @ Nique

    She got that natural auto-tune voice


    She can’t even run her own household, so how in da F*CK could you expect her to run the most powerful country on the face of the planet??? GTFOH!!!

  • kaneesia

    this intrvw shldnt hve nvr hppnd b/c its cmplte b.s & lies from palin


    I just think it’s funny that Levi whacked his balls off all over her daughter’s azz and they tried to cover that ish up!!!

  • http://bossip.com This some Shhh....

    Lord have mercy, this trick…

  • http://www.BAPEUSA.com BAPE747

    Co-sign DAYWALKER


    H0 SIT DOWN!

    Still not fit to lead.

  • Unimaginative_Trolls_get_your_own_screen_name

    Palin doesn’t care — she got free pub for that book; and, Oprah got a bunch of repubs looking at her show — everybody wins.

    It’s about the $$$$$$ — nothing else.

  • End Of Dayz

    Completely Co-Sign Daywalker….Been saying that since the rip.

  • http://www.twitter.com/mastermk7 MasterMK

    F fat azz Oprah… I luv Sarah!!!

  • honeygold


  • Jem

    Oprah is such an Uncle Tom. I can’t stand her. Or Tyra Banks. They know how to kiss up to white people.


    The Wasilla Hillbilly’s Back In Effect.

  • Elana

    Sarah is so dumb, and very country. Go back to

  • chzz

    She doesn’t have what it takes.Leaders are born not made.

  • Debra

    ….you said it! all about that Paper!

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