Lindsay Hohan Ditches Intervention at a House Party

- By Bossip Staff

A couple of Lindsay Lohan’s closest friends felt that giving her an intervention at a house party in West Hollyweird was a great idea.  To their surprise, she bailed. Read more on the flipside. A source at the party recalls Lindsay’s behavior as being very erratic and scattered, to the point that people could tell she wasn’t high off just life. The source says the intervention was difficult to actually perform because it was impossible to corner her, until a few people tried to do so in a bathroom stall close to dawn.

Lindsay ditched the intervention once she saw a close friend of her father’s who was present. We want Lindsay to recover just as much as the next man, but an intervention in a bathroom stall is a dummy mission. Her family and friends will definitely have to come harder if they really want her to get help.

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  • Marquis de Sade


  • ha


  • Marquis de Sade

    …And to think, I wanted to fugg her durin’ her “MEAN GIRLS” phase. She was THICKALISCIOUS back then.

  • j

    she looks pretty in this pic though…

  • Only The Truth

    I hate to say it, but I truly think that they are going to find this young girl dead, son.

  • Only The Truth

    I hate to say it…but I truly think that they are going to find this young girl dead, son.

  • Choco

    Lindsay has given up it’s going to take more than an intervention this girl needs prayer and GOD in her life-I mean real prayer…

  • lach


  • lach


  • lach

    prone to illness

  • Sticky-n-Sweet

    Lindsay Lohan is no longer anyone important.

  • CriticXtreme

    She gets high because she finally figured out that she has no talent. What she truly needs is not an intervention but an azz whipping.

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