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Cooking is typically a one-man operation, and more often than you would like to admit, you probably wish you had more than two hands to help you attend to all the different pots and pans. While there are no robots (yet) that are engineered to lend you a hand in the kitchen, there are gadgets that can help you keep your dishes from burning. The StirMATE is the one kitchen assistant you need to make cooking a less frantic activity.

This high torque automatic pot-stirrer is capable of performing what is considered one of the most important jobs in the kitchen: stirring. It rotates, swings, and self-adjusts to all pot diameters and depths, so you can leave it be while you tend to other tasks. It comes with two paddles that have distinct purposes: the bottom paddle prevents food from sticking and burning while the upper paddle stirs everything. StirMATE’s state-of-the-art stirring technology is engineered to develop more flavor and creaminess, guaranteeing you the best results. It also lasts for 13 hours on a single charge and is made from high-temperature FDA-approved plastic.

Worry less in the kitchen with the StirMATE. Right now, you can grab it on sale for only $49.99.


StirMATE® Smart Pot Stirrer – $49.99

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