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Papa John Schnatter Writes Op-Ed Arguing For N-Word Pass

Hey, “Papa John” Schnatter, STFU already. What done is done.

The pizza impresario is STILL bitc#in’ and moanin’ about the fact that he was ousted from his company (he still owns 16.7%) for saying the n-word while talking about racism during an in-house conference call. Schnatter recently wrote an op-ed in the NYPost about why he should have been given a n-word pass like New York governor Andrew Cuomo and how Papa John’s is a failing business without his divine presence.

Peep THIS part “explaining” why he used the racist slur:

In the meeting, I expressed frustration over the NFL controversy and paraphrased someone who had purportedly used the n-word on a frequent basis.

In fact, I was expressing my disdain for racism throughout the meeting, which was quite productive and demonstrated Papa John’s commitment to a diverse, positive and enriching environment. For decades, we’ve brought people of all backgrounds together for their mutual benefit, spreading tremendous success to employees, franchisees, partners and shareholders alike.

He goes on to claim to be a victim of hypocrisy:

Ironically, Gov. Andrew Cuomo used a racial comment during a live radio interview last week, and African American state leaders rushed to defend him, showing their understanding of the intent and context of his words while also considering his character.

Cuomo’s situation is in stark contrast to the irrational overreaction and internal exploitation of my comments. The double standard is jarring. I would have hoped to have been given the benefit of the doubt, just as Cuomo was. Instead, unnamed sources reversed the meaning and intent of my words to damage me.

The audacity of this pizza-spinning soup cookie! Sir, no one feels bad for you. You’re a multi-millionaire white guy who still cashes big checks from his company. Boo-the-f**k-hoo. All you had to do was say “n-word” just like you did when writing this op-ed.


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