*Exclusive Pics*: Juelz Santana & Lil Wayne Video Shoot… “HOME RUN”

- By Bossip Staff

Our people over at ATLpics.net, just sent us some exclusive pics from Juelz Santana and Lil Wayne’s video shoot. Weezy and Juelz must really be on Cloud 9; they found a house that looks exactly like Obama’s crib to shoot this video.

Also, one of the chicks has a tattoo going across her chest… Can you tell us what’s wrong with it???

We really hope that she did this on purpose!!! SMH…

The house to the left is a replica of the White House and the one to the right is a baby version (in-law suite). People are really doing it big in Atlanta.

Images via ATLPics.net

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  • angel




  • $$YUNG HABIT$$

    check me out 2 M Y S P A C E.COM/HABITTHEMESSAGE new west coast artist…listen up people!!! habit aka the message is here!!!

  • $$YUNG HABIT$$


  • Mock Rock Star

    SMH at this foolishness

  • Kay (Nati all day)

    Umm, Okay. I like the tats, but damn. WHY would anyone get misspelled words tatted on them? I mean it’s not even ebonics, just spelled incorrectly…………….

  • Mojoboko


  • Mojoboko

    I hope this is waynes track


    I bet all of them fools thought it was spelled correctly.. JACKASSES!!!

  • http://mscutielyrics@yahoo.ca LYRICS

    all she needs 2 do is put an apostrophe b/w the 2 m’s n’ she’s good!! i really does hope she knows that there is no double ‘m’ in ‘imitated’…….but like i said she can make it work if she’s smart!!!

  • http://bossip shani

    weezy is the key to success,we dont want any ajonfy please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Natahlee

    The woman with that tat is named Paris (just a fun fact I guess)

  • *BottomOfDaMap*


  • *BottomOfDaMap*

    oh and I almost forgot…..
    I bet Wayne got all 20 girls preg! Lol

    “Lil Wayne Plus Eight, coming to a local broadcaster near you”

  • PrettyInPink

    that’s a d.a.m.n. shame, and why do all the ho’s in those pictures look so old and tired? I’m sure they can do better

  • Nam

    Each to their own, but it looks like someone got a little too friendly with their tattooist. Talk about overload!


    Juelz is such a cutie

  • KeepNit2Real

    [b]lightskinned making a comeback!![/b]

  • Brown Like Viola

    I would be embarrassed

  • THE SoSelphish1

    I guess ol girl wit her whole back done doesnt need a shirt…

  • MizASterling


    Every last one of these women needs to seek a gym.I mean, seriously? This was the best of the best? Who the F$K didn’t make the cut?

    I mean these ladies look young enough to still be in shape.

    I mean, how do you carry yourselves like this?
    Just disgusting.

  • daredevil925

    Ummm all you guys r effin idiots she got the tattoo done on purpose for it to be a play on words.. & exactly for that.. none of u would copy it b/c its different! & u are all too worried about sum1 else will say, exactly why your talking about it!

  • You Smell Me??

    Immitated? is that a word?

    Didnt think so….WOW!

  • grant

    wow what a classy broad….bet she drinks her malt liquor out of a champagne glass….hood tricks….

  • Caramel Goddess

    OK, there is more wrong with ol’ girl than her misspelled tattoo. Why is she wearing a nightie(that I SWEAR I saw at Ross) with some damn gym shorts? They don’t even match!! SMH. No class, man. No class.

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