Quote Of The Day: Teacher To Alleged Gay High School Student “I Should Hit You In Your F**kin Mouth!”

- By Bossip Staff

A TEACHER named Randolph Forde, is in deep mess, after he asked a student if he was gay, supposedly committed terrorist threats, and allegedly put out a hit on the little ‘dude’:

Clayton County schools are investigating charges that a teacher threatened a student after questioning the teen’s sexuality. Randolph Forde, a teacher at Mundy’s Mill High School, remains on administrative leave with pay, school spokesman, Charles White said Monday. Jail records show Forde was arrested last month on charges of terrorist threats and released on a $10,000 bond. School officials postponed the employment hearing scheduled on Tuesday for Forde to face possible disciplinary action, White said, under advice from the district’s attorney that there had been no sufficient prior notice.

“We needed to post notice of the hearing a full 24 hours prior, according to the (Georgia) Open Meetings Act,” White said late Monday night. But Terrence Madden, the student’s attorney, said neither he nor his client were informed of the change, and complained that the school district was stalling. “Nothing has changed as far as evidence,” Madden said. “They had no legitimate reason except that it had gone public.”

The hearing will be rescheduled within the next two weeks, but probably will be after Thanksgiving, said White, who responded to Madden’s complaints: “He can say what he wants to.” According to the student’s attorney, Forde pulled the 16-year-old student out of class and asked him if he was gay. “A child’s sexuality is never a teacher’s business,” said Marcia Killebrew, the student’s mother. “I feel like the man was being extremely inappropriate.” The next day, the teacher got into a verbal altercation in an algebra class, said Madden. “The teacher threatened to hit him in his ‘f-ing mouth,’” Madden said. A few days later, Forde asked another student to “put a hit” on the teenager, according to a police report. “The suspect advised to the witness that he would pay him to kill the victim,” the report states. The teacher wrote the victim’s name on a note and showed it to another student on the school bus, the report says. Forde’s attorney, Borquaye Thomas, said the 16-year-old only complained after he got in trouble for another incident. “The allegation is he made a hit on him, but that was not what was said nor what was intended,” Thomas said. “The student only complained after he was getting suspended.”

Forde asked the student about being gay after he saw the boy dancing inappropriately with another male student in class, Thomas said. “All of the students knew Mr. Forde was joking,” Thomas said. “The other students said Mr. Forde always plays around with them like that.” Killebrew, the targeted student’s mother, contacted Clayton County police, who presented the allegations to a magistrate judge. A judge issued an arrest warrant on Oct. 13, according to court records.

The teacher has since been released from jail, but was ordered to stay away from the student. Killebrew said she took her son out of school for seven days. He returned to class following the arrest. “He’s really scared. He’s at the point where he trusted the authorities at school and now he is real untrusting,” she said. Forde waived a preliminary hearing and is waiting for the case to be sent to a grand jury, Madden said. Forde has been teaching in Clayton since August 2008, White said. He will remain on administrative leave while school officials conduct an investigation.

That teacher can’t do that. What the hell was he thinking???


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  • I Am Legend (A Wise Man Told Me Dont Argue With Fools)

    lmao do it, do it, do it

  • Nique

    I blame skinny jeans, the “jerk”, the New Boys, and the states of California and Georgia…

  • Sheneneh

    That’s crazy..he sounds like he was a little too involved with those kids..how immature of him!

  • mimi

    ugh with experience in innercity schools, one is tempted to wipe them all out. Just saying, alot of those kids are animals.

  • HoneySuckleGirl (KEEP ME NEAR THE CROSS...LOL)

    @ Nique

    Dude was trying to holla at me with skinny jeans at ibiza. Mind you I am wasted Nique. girl I had to ask him how can you wear skinny jeans if you got a big di*k??? You can’t have a big one because your sh*t would be hurting all scrunched up in them jeans. We need to ask one of our brothers on here if that is true. LOL.

  • Lisa

    LMAO at the headline for this story!

  • HoneySuckleGirl (KEEP ME NEAR THE CROSS...LOL)

    @ Nique
    A grown man with them on. Yuck!!! i told him to back up, all the way up. Yopu can’rt do anything for me. stretch marks from trying to squeeze in them jeans. Stretching that fat up in there. LOl

  • HoneySuckleGirl (KEEP ME NEAR THE CROSS...LOL)


    Lol! I know but it isn’t right. I swear it isn’t.

  • HoneySuckleGirl (KEEP ME NEAR THE CROSS...LOL)


    Oh Ok. I know I am not crazy. I know you don’t wear them do you? Just kidding. LOL

  • HoneySuckleGirl (KEEP ME NEAR THE CROSS...LOL)

    @ Nique

    LOL. Sweaty balls. Ughhhhhhh!!! All musty. We are tooo crazy. I know its too early but whatever I need a good laugh. where is IJM??? I hope she okay, I know her daughter is sick.

  • JDavis

    To those women hating the skinny fitting jeans on men: Keep messing with the thugs you will bash on another thread with pants sagging, saying they don’t take care of their kids, beat your @$$, don’t look professional and can’t get a job.

  • Denver Chick

    @Nique- I agree 100%

  • HoneySuckleGirl (KEEP ME NEAR THE CROSS...LOL)

    @ Nique

    LOL. Right. I am not feeling that at all. I was trying to be extra nice. LOL. He must like skinny jeans. did we just ruin his fashion style or what?

  • HoneySuckleGirl (KEEP ME NEAR THE CROSS...LOL)

    @ Nique

    Right! Balls sweating. Irritated and itching!

  • Re

    As an aspiring teacher, all I have to say is:

    LMAO! While that was extremely innapropriate, I couldn’t help but burst out laughing at how ridiculous that sounds. Almost like something out of Don’t Be a Menace in South Central…

  • http://www.crazycoolgroovy.blogspot.com CCGroovy

    The teacher’s behavior was completely inappropiate on ALL points!!!

    It also sounds like he gets a little bit too familiar with his students on a regular basis. These CHILDREN are yoru STUDENTS; they are NOT your FRIENDS!!!

  • http://www.crazycoolgroovy.blogspot.com CCGroovy

    LOL @ RE!!!

  • Butterscotch™


    “While that was extremely innapropriate, I couldn’t help but burst out laughing at how ridiculous that sounds.”

    LOL! I was thinking the same thing! I actually come from a family with many teachers. It sounds like this teacher has issues separating his professional and personal interests – gotta have boundaries with students.

  • She's P****D

    I graduated from Mundy’s Mill..and let me tell u..Its a whole bunch of suga loafs walking around that mugg..females with crayola box hair…and teachers tryna rap 😦 smh…just a disaster and by the look of things, its getting worse

  • Re


    Yay to teachers of America ( 🙂 )!

    Yeah, I’ve seen many teachers like this who can’t draw the line between professional and unprofessional. Apparently his line was COMPLETELY blurred.

    It kind of reminds me of a guy who would bully his best friend all the time, and say things like, “get yo’ punk a $ $ over here” in a Debo voice.

  • Moreaces

    The teacher looks and seems crazy, He needs to get a new profession

  • http:chokolatemilk@blogspot.com Choco

    The teacher imo looks g-a-y so that says a lot right there why would you cross the line of professionalism and risk your job and career…
    Skinny jeans have my vote as long as they hook it up right I think CB is too foine in his skinny jeans-pick those over the jeans sagging off nicca’s azzes…

  • grant

    you go to any black high school and this ish goes on all the time… just know the W’s got a hold of it ….

  • Keish

    A lot of teachers now are only a few years older then a lot of the students; some of them (the teachers) are not even mature themselves and view the students as their peers rather then thier pupils. Some of them feel as though they can joke and play with the students because as I said they view students as their peers. Actually, the teacher is there to perform a job in which they get paid for. He/ she is there to teach not to be a homeboy/homegirl/ girlfriend/ boyfriend. That’s why we saw such a spike in teacher/ student (sexual) relationships. (Of course not saying that all young teachers are this way) but some can’t deciper the difference between the two worlds. I saw a special last night where this high school teacher who I believe was 26?? let 3 student “hit” 2 of them were brothers! And she bought one of them an X-box 360. WTF is that??? Who the hell would want a kid beating their back out? PHEW that really stinks!!! CRAZY!!! When I was in high school all of my teachers were 50+ and nobody wanted their A$$!

  • They Call Me...AJ

    I agree that some of these teachers don’t know how to act mature in the classroom. I read in the newspaper Monday that a middle school teacher was fired because he drew the map of the United States on the board, and he drew Florida bigger than it was supposed to be. One of his students asked why Florida was so big and the teacher told him because it got excited. One of the female students told on him and said they felt uncomfortable. I go to school with one of former students, and she said he joked like that all the time.

    I know that was just a joke and most of the kids wouldn’t have been offended or anything. I myself wouldn’t have cared in Middle school if he joked like that, but as a pre service teacher I look at the situation differently. I know that this was inappropriate for school. Especially middle schoolers, at that age kids aren’t right in the head. Some teachers need to step it up and realize they are the adults and they influence what the children do. If they see us joking like that they will think it is okay for them to say or do things like it.

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