Who Looked More Bangin???? Leona vs. Ci-Error

- By Bossip Staff

Leona Lewis and Ciara were both in attendance at some function for Leona’s album in Hollyweird last night. So who looked more bangin??? Diesel Legs or lil thunder thighs??

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  • Nique

    Im gonna have to go with Leona “punched in the face” Lewis…

  • Jayonce

    Ci-Ci got that. Leona looks like a Moon Bird!

  • JUDY


  • Nique

    Nvermind, I just took in all of Leona’s outfit..Im gonna have to give it to Ciara-her legs won her this round.

  • Is Rihanna's sharp n pointy witchy fingernails took the oath banned

    Leona has some serious fat stores on those knees and ankles, dang.

  • drenk

    ciara’s got it, leona’s a lil too yaller for me

  • PRPPLE, hotter than fish grease

    I like both outfits but Leona went wrong somewhere in the shoe department.

    Ciara looks flawless.

  • http://bossip miss dior


  • tb (Bossip been trying to give my computer viruses all day - Bossip, why so many viruses on the site?)

    They both look tacky.

  • http://www.hiphoprockzmagazine.com HipHopRockzMagazine

    Ciara hands down!


    Leonia look’d better, but her legs???? **DEAD*** so Ci-CI ‘kinda’ wins….2 be honest i really don’t like either of them, but i give credit where it’s due!

  • gigi

    Ciara hands down


    Ciara by a LANDSLIDE.Leona needs a personal trainer & a “intervention” to get her off the chocolate-cherry bon bons.


    Leona looks better her dress is the bizness. Ciara looks a mess i mean look at those puffy shoulders. where they do that at?

  • pynklyzurd14

    ciara’s legs look amazing. but, that’s it for her. As for Leona, her outfit is the biz, but idk about them shoes… :/

  • I love you Michael Jackson

    Get’em Ci-Ci

  • williedynamite


    Ciara??? she look-a-like-a-man

  • DestinysChild

    Leona looks like a fish out of water…pretty girl and beautiful dress (minus the bustier) but she looks uncomfortable and stiff. Ciara is working her entire look from head to toe and “giving it” to the camera so she gets my vote.

  • cocoa49

    i think they both look good in their own way. lLona is thicker and has curve so she looks nice in her dress. ciara is thin and tall and looks nice in the mini dress. so they both look ok

  • Partygirl


  • Partygirl

    Why is Trey Songz in a dress?

  • mz.cee ♥

    Ciara has more poise in the whole outfit, plus her body’s on point!

    Wow@Leona’s mommy legs, that Hervé Léger dress is the biz though, just not for her!

    LOL@Partygirl calling Ciara Trey Songz

  • No u can't be boyfriend #2!

    Ciara looks great (I love the whole look!)! However her hairdresser almost exposed her weave (not a good look)! That style looks best on ‘REAL’ hair!

  • ..

    leona looks like trash. ciara looks gooood!

  • Dirty Diana...Let Me Be ♪


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