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Here’s some random news from the world of Denzel:

“Denzel Washington might be better with a gun than a champagne bottle. The ‘American Gangster’ star ordered some bubbly at Rivington 151 the other night. ‘And the server couldn’t open it, so Denzel tried,’ said our onlooker. ‘He couldn’t open it either, but when he handed it back, the cork popped right in the server’s face.’ The waiter was so starstruck he barely felt, let alone complained of, any injuries.”

Yeah – and we’re pretty sure that waiter probably saw dollar signs after getting busted in the grill. To be on the safe side, we recommend Denzel contact his esquire, ASAP.


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  • Rika from the Block


  • mrslaadee

    Cover your ass Denzel! The next morning that mutherf*cker will be talking about his vision is blurry and be trying to get paid…lol

  • finesseyoswagger

    Lookin’ a wee bit fem here…he looks like Natalie Cole in this pic

  • casper

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  • honeylicious

    I don’t think I would sue him if he did that to me 😉

  • bree

    Esquire- now i want to watch ATL

    Good Morning!

  • justmoi

    OK….? Can somebody tell me WTH Denzel is wearing in that pic……?!

  • Aunt Viv

    What’s with the clown fitting outfit?

  • I'm Just Me


    Okay now…why the sneakers here Denzel….looking a little Bagger Vance-ish here!

    I mean I am sure he was an accident those champagne corks are something else. Let’s not make this more that it is.

  • tt

    WTH Denzel… OMG can we get him a stylist…He is a a good looking dude but he down plays his looks by not shaving or cutting his hair and wearing them long overcoats.

  • juju


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  • Cage

    I was just watchin Inside Man yesterday… Good movie..

    “That thing your suckin on… It’s not a Pina Colada!!”

    D.W. is an O.G. and this pic is recycled….

  • casper

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  • http://braibrai@yahoo.com ms braided beauty chicagos own still lovin kellz music

    love the coat o g style!!!!1111

  • iheartchicken

    I don’t know about any random corks in folks foreheads but I DO KNOW that that coat is well past its prime (which incidently was sometime during the California Gold Rush- very wild west-ish). Bro. Washington, you are to SCRUMPTIOUS to roll out like that- Ms. Pauletta, get on ya job and help your man!

  • ThatTouchOfPink

    I was just watching Mo’ Betta Blues yesterday.

    He was SOOOOOOO Handsome in that film!


  • Sam

    I was there on Saturday. The party was hot. Although I didn’t see this happen, I did see Denzel’s hand up one girls skirt and on another’s a$$. He was straight ho-ing it up. He was cutting a rug a lil bit too. The whole time I was thinking, if Pauletta got her a piece on the side he’ll be too through with her. I wish it was lighter I would have got my camera phone on, maybe get me some stacks, lol!

  • K-ten

    ok lets not make something out of nothing!!

    but MAN!!! why do they look so tacky??

  • ksn

    jaime & Sam u r not telling the truth, i was there too,and DzW was very cool no such things had happened.

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