Dame Dash Arrested & Released Over Two $400k+ Child Support Cases

LOCKED UP: Dame Dash Arrested Over Two $400K Back Child Support Cases Then Released

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Dame Dash speaks at Dame Dash Studios

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Dame Dash Arrested Over Two $400K Back Child Support Cases Then Released

Dame Dash has always been a very vocal, motivating, outspoken, and sometimes even aggressive cultural icon. He’s always giving us countless epic moments that were funny but still gave a clear message that needed to be said. When Dame speaks you can feel the passion flowing throughout his veins and directly into yours. Majority of the time Dame is speaking to being your own boss and what you’d expect a CEO to discuss. Dame had one of the most epic Breakfast club interviews in which he professed “my son has cookies” all while telling people to stop asking him about his former Roc-A-Fella business partner & Billionaire Jay-z.

The last headline-grabbing move Dame made was pulling up on Lee Daniels claiming he was never paid back for a generous loan he made to support another black man’s career. The pull up went down just as you’d expect a Dame Dash pull up would go down. The pull up worked and Lee Daniels swiftly cut that check to Dame. With putting him on blast you would almost be willing to bet your life Dame wouldn’t owe anyone a dime.

However, according to TMZ, that isn’t the case at all.

“Dame was arrested Wednesday in NYC after attempting to clear up two different warrants in his name for unpaid child support dough a judge says he owes Rachel Roy and Cindy Morales. Dame’s got 2 daughters with the former, and a son with the latter. Earlier this year, it was revealed he owed nearly $400k to both women … but hadn’t paid up yet. He told us at the time he would — but it appears he hadn’t yet, and those debts have since ballooned.

Fast-forward to Wednesday … when Dame went to the city to try to take care of both warrants. The guy himself tells us he popped into a Manhattan courthouse, paid off about a million dollars to clear one warrant … and then tried going to another courthouse to deal with the other one.

The problems came when Dame was heading to the other courthouse, allegedly the second he stepped out to head over he was arrested on that warrant for the back child support. Dame reported the cops were nice and understanding and even escorted him to the Bronx to take care of the other one. To be fair arresting someone and their defense being they were heading directly to take care of the issue isn’t exactly believable because warrants can’t be paused of good faith. Dame, however, did take care of both issues paying over $1 million dollars to settle the cases.

Dame has taught us a lot over the years, this time the lesson is to PAY YO BILLS. Dame even issued his own statement via his Instagram page which you can watch below.

BOSSIP has exclusive details to report about Dame and his case, we’ll keep you updated as this story continues to unfold.

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