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Alabama Teachers Suspended Over Racist Group Texts

A group of southeast Alabama teachers from Ashford High School has been suspended after numerous racist and explicit texts were leaked from their shady a$$ group chat.

According to the Dothan First, the teachers had created a chat called “Bad A$$ B!tc#es” where they would gather to talk s#!t about Black students and others in extremely disrespectful terms.

The leaked portion of the group chat, titled “Bad A B’s,” starts with a teacher speaking about a student named Anastasia Williams (all students mentioned here have given consent to be identified) possibly being pregnant.

The teachers, who will remain unidentified due to possible legal issues caused by the way the texts were leaked, then comment on how quiet Anastasia is and how she doesn’t really speak up much and how she isn’t the sharpest student.

It is reported that the teachers went on to discuss the sex lives of other students in addition to adding this lil’ quip about former student Preyun Snell:

“That ni**a so slow he can’t walk and chew gum,” this teacher said.

These messages came to light after one of the teachers involved gave a student her phone where he discovered the group chat and made a screen recording of the conversation.

“Two of the teachers that’s in the group chat, I can’t believe that they was actually in the group chat because I’d never think they’ll be like that, but the other ones, I think they’ll do it,” said Venissa Wilson, Preyun’s aunt.

Both Preyun and Anastasia said they were upset about what the teachers said, although Anastasia said she got an apology from a teacher that spoke about her.

“She was like she didn’t mean anything that she said or anything like that,” Anastasia told WDHN.

Sure she didn’t…

The teachers have been suspended but it is unclear whether or not they are still being paid by the school. County Superintendent David Sewell said the teachers will be given “procedural due process” to defend themselves before it is decided what their fate will be.


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