True or False: Michelle Obama is Jealous of President Obama and Oprah’s Friendship…

- By Bossip Staff

What is really going on??? Word around Washington is that Oprah is not welcomed to the White House. Apparently, Michelle isn’t to thrilled when her husband jumps as soon as Oprah comes a calling.

We have no idea who made Oprah an expert on government policies but apparently she felt that President Obama was going to make her an adviser. Even if he was, Michelle was not hearing any of that. Apparently this all started during the campaign and Michelle held her tongue because Oprah was supporting her husband but as soon as President Obama was elected and the campaign was over, Michelle let her feeling show face. Sources say, that during Oprah’s visit to the White House to interview the first lady, Michelle barely acknowledge Ol’ Harpo. When Oprah would ask Michelle a question, the first lady would direct all her attention to Gayle, it was like Oprah wasn’t even there. Damn… that’s cold!!!

They say Oprah had plans to redecorate the Lincoln room and also would be making frequent trips to see her friend who she campaigned for so hard. If all this is true, it’s obvious Michelle is not the one to play with. Oprah, you better sit down somewhere.

We all know when Oprah co-signs someone or something, it normally turns to gold and whenever she says jump, they normally say, “HOW HIGH???” How many of you think that it’s possible for Oprah to overstep her boundaries???

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  • ALPHA1906

    first…this is bullshi% Iwill not support this lie…this is a lie….

  • eveinthegarden

    puleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze. miss me with that bull ish.

  • Jewel17

    I don’t believe it!

  • ALPHA1906

    STOP BRINGING BLACK WOMEN DOWN….GO TALK ABOUT PARIS AND KIM KARDASHIAN !!! Stop the disrespect of our First Lady Michelle Obama and a trail blazer for African American Oprah

  • roseta

    I would too… I mean our president is very handsome, I sometimes dream of him at night

  • http://bossip sarah

    Please stop… I agree this is just a rumor to bring down two powerful black women. Get a glue !

  • UMM


  • ...*MOcarsMOclothesMojewelsMOdoe*...(i am not lock down,i could do my thing)

    its possible…..whats a black woman favorite line when you ask them about female friends? “oh,i dont have any female friends,their too triffling.”heard it too many times.

    p.s. not hating on my sisters,its just almost like the norm nowadays.

  • Gemini

    You gon eat that cornbread???

  • Janae

    I doubt it.

  • what!what! top 10

    This is a crappy story.

  • WorldGurl

    i dont believe this is true because it was Michelle Obama who got OPRAH to endorse her husband. Oprah is feeling the repercussions of her decision to not remain non partisan during presidential elections. But this could be true as Michelle Obama has no love for Hillary Clinton or Beyonce Knowles.

    People need to not give Michelle so many props. She is the FLOUSA but Oprah is OPRAH!!! Michelle got lucky that she married a man who aspired to be President. Had Barrack not run for the White House, no one would never have heard of Michelle Obama.

  • GGooDeiMC




    […] to online sources, word around Washington is that Oprah Winfrey is not welcomed to the White House. Apparently, […]

  • Ms.EJ

    Though you never know what goes on behind closed doors IMO I seriously doubt this whole story. I do understand about one holding his or her tongue in order to not jepordize or ruin a situation or opportunity, but I do not think it applies here.

    It seems that many people think that two black women or black women in general can not and do not get along and that is NOT TRUE.

  • martez mayo


  • Ms.EJ

    MOCARSMOCLOTHES- Goodevening. I definitely wouldn’t say that is a black womans favorite line, really I didn’t know we had a favorite line that we said. I guess its safe to assume that those who say that have had negative experiences and seem to have judged or labled all women or black women to be triflin. SMH. Nowadays people in general are scandalous.

  • Truth Live

    i know that’s right M.O let her know her place….Oprah can get it to.

  • WHAT!!!!!!!


  • memchee

    yeah right!

    They must be talking about some other woman; while inserting Oprah’s name in the story.

    The obama’s do look like they be having those old married couple spats…which is normal.

  • Momo

    rolling eyes

  • Wow

    Anyone who believes this ignorance is a fool!!

  • Unimaginative_Trolls_get_your_own_screen_name

    Oh please — any guy can instantly answer this question:

    you have only TWO options as to the woman you’re going to spend your life with

    (a) Michelle
    (b) Oprah

    I’ll bet a year’s salary as to the outcome of THAT survey !!!!

  • Benzo


  • Badnews

    Please puplish this story pure Racism against somalians Especially all the hatefull comments

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