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White Woman Goes On Racist N-Word Rant In Viral Video

White folks be white-folks-ing.

According to an NYPost report, today’s winner of a the “I’m a racist beyotch” sweepstakes is Michelle Rajacic. Michelle performed a slur-filled soliloquy at the City Club Hotel in Midtown Manhattan and the whole thing was captured on camera. She was READY for her close-up.

Michelle’s bigoted berating of Black hotel receptionist Linda Shell took place after the privileged pissant demanded a room key without providing identification. When Shell told the WASP-y wildebeest that she had to see ID before allowing access to a room, Michelle’s whiteness jumped right the f**k out.

In a video taken by Shell, the woman can be seen calling Shell, who is black, a “ni**er,” “dirty f**king raunchy skank,” “dirty f**king hood rat,” “f**king ghetto ass” and other offensive phrases.

Yeah. But don’t take our word for it. Peep the video below.

B-b-b-but wait, it gets worse. As Linda began to usher this lil’ KKK**t out of the building, the woman broke her cell phone across the receptionist’s face! As you can imagine, Linda Shell is ready to get PAID.

“Defendant spit on Plaintiff and then assaulted, battered, and attacked the Plaintiff, and used physical force without cause or justification and without Plaintiff’s consent,” the lawsuit charges.

Michelle Rajacic was arrested and eventually convicted of third-degree assault. However, if you’re not already wholly disgusted with this story, then hold tight. We’re pretty sure this will push you over the edge.

Once released from custody, City Club Hotel in Midtown Manhattan give Rajacic a free room to stay in. Free. No charge. After she called their Black employee everything but a child of God. Linda quit immediately.

“I told them I could no longer work there, because my safety is no longer important to them,” Shell said.

Linda Shell is now suing all parties involved. We hope she takes the top off the Maybach with Michelle Rajcic and City Club Hotel’s money.


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