Someone is Feelin Chris Brown… Judge Says Job Well Done

- By Bossip Staff

Breezy got nothing but praise from L.A. County Superior Court Judge Patricia Schnegg on Thursday during his court appearance. The judge is very pleased that Chris has kept up with his sentence from the domestic case.

The Judge says Chris’ progress report is extremely favorable and that Chris has attended seven of his 52 mandatory domestic violence counseling sessions, paid all his court fines and even given a sample of his DNA.

Brown is due back for another status report Feb. 18. At least something positive is going down, cause his career has been failing.

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  • GTFOH with the DUMB

    Just knows that killed you.

  • GTFOH with the DUMB

    Stop lying his shows are selling out…geesh why waste your time…trying to lie on the boy? You or the rest of the fools that waste their time every day trying to throw shade aren’t going to stop him either.

  • peace

    there are major issues going on around the globe. leave this kid alone, like it or not he is talented and his comment after Rhianna’s interview he said he is leaving the rest to God, why don’t people do the same. i wish him all the best.

  • deesac

    Well I hope he learns his lesson and leave the NAPPY HEADS ALONE

  • Quent


  • champhf

    i feel for u chris…he is just a child, i dont agee with what he did. he should have been smart enough to walk away….. sad hurts and he should thank god for getting him away from that girl…its a blessing.

  • Her Karma = His Redemption

    all I want to know is…IS SHE SERIOUSSSS! and I still don’t buy her story…she didn’t run or try to get away from Chris because she didn’t want to walk home…and she didn’t want to walk home because she was in a party dress…even though he beat you up…oh and she took the keys and hid them…

    GIVE ME A BREAK…I sure deserve one!!!

    Chris Brown’s career has survived and will continue to grow as long as people wish for his failure…you keep wishin’ and his career will keep growin…

  • mOokie

    lmao a this picture even if the article is dumb

  • nadine


  • kay

    I agree 100% with Chris supporters, lets keep him in our prayes, you know satan is a busy body. want to see him fail.


    So now we give out props for doing what you’re supposed to now??? Okay, I paid taxes last year!! Where’s my trophy?? How about me volunteering to teach kids Karate?? Where’s my certificate?? The point I’m making is that there shouldn’t be any type of accolades for doing what’s right!! Especially when someone effed up in the first place!! Not saying that I couldn’t forgive Chris for what he did, cause I can, but don’t expect me to forget what he did anytime soon, and don’t expect me or any one else to just sweep what he did under the rug either…People need to understand that there are consequences for their actions, and in the court of public opinion, you often reap what you sow…If he had just pulled his car over and called someone to get him as he walked away, this wouldn’t even be an issue….So yeah, I can forgive, but I won’t forget….And I’m sure a lot of other people won’t either, Chris….


    I still love me some CB..people act like they’ve never made a mistake before let the boy do his thing.. and RiRi ain’t all that innocent remember folks it’s 3 sides to every story, his, hers, and the truth.. do ya thang CB stil got love for ya



    Domestic Violence is not a “MISTAKE”.

    What Chris did was deliberate and calculated and he has done it a few times before. I suggest you read the police report, then read up on Domestic Violence before you categorize it as a “MISTAKE”.

    Chris is a convicted FELON. And his attack was not some contrary action that we can define as a “mistake”.

  • Leslie

    Hi Haters!

  • Leslie

    I see there is no pleaseing certain people. Well since your not a fan of his, why don’t you stay off of his posts? Sounds to me like your wasting your time cause he WILL still do the Damn thing!

  • Her Karma = His Redemption

    @ Miss Lisa

    Chris Brown DID made a terrible mistake that night…His mistake was forgetting to make a good decision and to not retaliate out of frustration or physical stimulation. Many people can sit back and Monday Morning Quarterback a “fight” between two people but you should never underestimate the the power or actions of someone being physically attacked…WE JUST MIGHT FIGHT BACK…and most of the time when we do WE’RE WRONG…which basically is why I can empathise with Chris Brown…

  • This some Shhh....

    Lord knows I’ve made mistakes.

  • DoTheRightThing!

    He did not make a mistake as he has put his hand on Rihanna before. This time he got caught. Stop saying it was terrible mistake. Guilty of Assault or beating a woman or anybody is a deliberate act, not a mistake. The good thing is Chris Brown is getting help and doing all the right things to better himself as a person.

  • tg

    Good for him. I’m proud he did what he had to do like a man. Shows maturity. Keep up the good work Chris.

  • stacey

    I mean i completely agree with daywalker for once. its too soon. maybe this time next year.

  • tg

    @Her Karma = His Redemption – I like what you said. I agree. I think Chris has learned a valuable lesson and he’ll remember it throughout the rest of his life. And besides the crazy in love part with RiRi (both crazy) he has always shown himself to be a respectful YOUNG man.

  • you know

    Big up Chris show haters you ain’t that bad

  • emma


    the court organises these classes. not chris. the court determine what days he will go not chris. even if he has a tour on the day of his domestic violence class, he still HAS to go. he like many who committed this act have no say whatsoever. chris brown cannnot choose what days he can go or when or how. nothing at all.

  • kaneesia

    what would u expect from him…he is doing what he has 2 do 2 get thru this terrible experience he had w/ riri….im proud of chris!!!

  • ummm


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