Diddy Turns 40 and Celebrates with Class and We Got the Inside Details

- By Bossip Staff

Diddy had a huge birthday celebration last night at the The Grand Ballroom at The Plaza Hotel in NYC.  A lot of people came out to show love and help Diddy bring in the big 4-0 including Martha Stewart, Kim Kardashian, Tyrese and more.  Pop the top for the flicks.

Bossip spies were in the building and say that the party was amaaaaaazing and jam packed with celebrities. Everyone was there, Bono, Ed Burns and Christie Turlington, Richie-Rich, Spike Lee and his gorgeous wife. Kim Kardashian and Cassie were in attendance too, and everyone looked fantastic. Our spies say Diddy appeared to be really sweet, although, he was being pulled in all different directions.

They couldn’t say the same for Jigga, who acted like a COCKY ______. Our spies say, after seeing his attitude, they can understand why B isn’t ready to have kids with him… Interesting.

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  • meko



    There’s nothing clazzy about Diddy….Second!!!!

  • http://bossip.com This some Shhh....

    Boy, imma need you to holla at your Mama. She keeps following me in the Mens room.

  • BettyBoop

    wow i made it

  • Whats the issue

    martha stewart??? that’s a random guest. ok question – who won the first season of i want to work for diddy?

  • THE SoSelphish 1

    I thought he turned 40 Last Year.

    Wasnt he sayn somethn about turning 40 when Obama was being inaugurated?

    Hmmm.. maybe Im wrong

  • copycat

    Dis zhit look like a Blackula Remake…not impressed.

  • Blu Rain

    Why is Al B Sure’s son always in the mix, like Diddy is his daddy, when diddy don’t even claim half of his blood children? I think it’s because he has good hair, like his real daddy. Take that…take that!

  • PrettyInPink

    Amber looking trashy as usual, and kim k’s dress not doing it for me…why does cassie remind me so much of j.lo, their features are sooooo similiar, it’s crazy! is it just me?

  • JUDY

    Who is Jay Z sitting with….looks like a knock off of Beyonce.

  • Hazelnut

    Where is Kim Porter?

  • http://Bossip Lefty

    Cassie is throw back Kim is monkey they both lettin this man lover play them

  • HoneySuckleGirl (KEEP ME NEAR THE CROSS...LOL)

    Cassie looks a mess! Ugh!!

  • HoneySuckleGirl (KEEP ME NEAR THE CROSS...LOL)

    C A S S I E- That is not a bad word

  • JUDY

    Is that Beyonce?

  • jay is so fly

    Jay looks nice and he didnt acted stupid at all! shut up!

    #judy no its not. Its an artist from Jay.


    looks like a tasteful event

  • http://bossip miss dior

    Hope diddy being 40 will behave like one.

  • Close Bossip

    Diddy has always had classy and elegant parties..this isn’t a surprise.

    Diddy knows how to celebrate a large mile stone as this.

  • Aunt Viv

    Hi Slide!!!

    Good to see you hear dear-and thanks for the explanation. I think it’s pretty warped, but I get it.

  • Aunt Viv

    *see you here*

  • Brown-n-Round

    How many times will he turn 40? Aint this like the 3rd time?

  • LADY_L

    i hate Kims dress.. the little black patch?? don’t get it at all… them Kardashians stay up in some black folks events don’t they? I think Reggie Bush and Ashanti would make a cute couple..

  • Jay aint 40 yet?

    Could Diddy please let Jay know 40 is the new 30! Come out already!

  • Tracey

    Nice to see all of the black entertainment trailer trash out in force!

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