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Kim Fields Talks ‘Fresh Prince’ Wardrobe Malfunction

Kim Fields is so fine.

Kim Fields so fine that Will Smith married her on television JUST to get a shot at them draws. Thing is, Kim gave away them draws to the entire cast and crew when she suffered an embarrassing-yet-hilarious wardrobe malfunction just before the big moment was about to pop off.

Fields recently spoke to the Chicago-Tribune about the incident and here’s how she described it:

“I had to do a quick-change off camera from a bride’s skirt-and-jacket suit into my honeymoon attire. A quick change means, rather than stopping or pausing the camera (to change clothes) they thought the timing would be much better if Will was changing his clothes on camera while my character goes to the bathroom — which was really backstage — to change into the next outfit.

“So I was going into the little fake bathroom on the set to do the quick change while Will was doing his quick-change on camera, where he’s ripping off his clothes and throwing shoes and just going a million miles an hour to get ready for what was supposed be our honeymoon night. And he kept getting faster and faster with the wardrobe change…

She goes on:

“So Will and I are doing our dialogue right before I leave to do this quick-change. And all of a sudden I feel this draft around my legs and I’m like, ‘Why is it so cold all of a sudden?’

“And I looked down and my skirt had fallen completely around my ankles. It was gone. There was no moment of I feel it slipping and I can catch it. Oh no. It was gone. Around my ankles. And thank God I’m so short that the blazer that I was wearing covered my, uh, my treasure (long laugh).

This is no BS. Peep the clip that Kim uploaded to Facebook below.

Kim has no hard feelings whatsoever about the situation. She says that she appreciated Will attempting to cover the camera and says the two shared a HUGE laugh about it.

“And like I said, I just thought it was so precious and kind that he would try to cover everybody’s eyes, so to speak, by blocking the camera. It was just the kind of gentleman that he was and is.”

Classic. LMFAO!


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