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TQ, formerly of Cash Money, is now talking about the ‘Jailhouse Love’ that went down in the NO:

Too much funny sh*t was going on at Cash Money. I’m sitting at the house in the East one day Wayne comes in and walks over to Baby and kisses him in the mouth. I didn’t just see that so I ain’t gonna say sh*t. When Wayne gets ready to leave, they do it again.

I guess some of them other ni**as recognized the look on my face and ran to the rescue. “T, don’t trip, that’s jailhouse love.” Jailhouse love? What the f**k? Them two ni**as and never been to jail! I’ve sent my fair share of Kites homie and I ain’t never heard of two ni**as kissing as being jailhouse love unless they was… ya dig? That sh*t was disturbing to me pimp. They say it’s a father-son thing. Ni**a I ain’t kissing my daddy in the mouth!

To each his own… I ain’t questioning a ni**a’s sexuality cuz I just don’t get down like that, and I know for a fact that both of them cats like women. But it f**ks me up when them ni**as do that sh*t in public… Everybody always asks me about that picture. Well did y’all forget about 106 and Park?? Ni**a, my neighborhood rode me for months about that sh*t… I had to speak on it cuz y’all wanted to know.

That’s my spin on the whole “kissing” sh*t. I’m done with it.

Good look TQ but no one ever doubted Weezy was stuntin’ on his Daddy’s mouth. This could have easily been a When The Checks Stop. SMH.


Check out pics of Weezy getting his sizzurp on at Bun B’s album release party. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. He needs to leave that ish alone.

A couple more on the flipside..

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  • Aunt Viv


  • http://www.gravatar.com Re


    TQ probably makes no money.


    NO paper Re…

  • Aunt Viv

    I just knew Weezy had sugar in his tank. He’s the woman in this relationship fo’ sho’.


    Matter of fact…name a song he was on and Ill tell you I never heard it….



    Did Trina strap up on that fool?

  • Marquis de Sade

    And yet, most black women find this out in the open pickle smoker attractive!?! Typical…


    pickle smoker…hehehehe

  • Aunt Viv


    I sure hope so…gross

  • bree

    TQ was really happy to be on that one song & in that video..he was cheesing so hard

  • Lovely One

    I have ALWAYS disagreed with Lil Wayne and Baby kissing. However, TQ has always seemed gay to me. IDK

  • I'm Just Me


    TQ thank you. What do you mean jailhouse love?? For at least one nig that really ain’t ever been to jail. IS BABY WAYNE’s REAL DAD OR STEP DAD HE GREW UP WITH ALL HIS LIFE??? IF NOT THAT SHYT IS GAY, GAY, GAY!



    I meant to say…did she use a ‘strap’ on him….meaning a mock penis to insert in his rectum 😦

  • jo

    What are Kites?

  • kiki

    DownLow not so downlow.

  • And...

    There are some things that require no explanation or retort.

    That was one of them – like Flavor of Love.

    If you watch it w/the volume down you’ll know exactly whats going on & get the same effect – if not worse.

    It’s high time people just look at things and hursh.

  • Aunt Viv


    LOL! Oops…but real talk I wouldn’t put it past her…and I don’t put it past his nasty azz that he loved it. I never liked Weezy.

  • $m♥K.E.Y.

    weeping my sorry ass off at him referring to this as JAILHOUSE LOVE

    this is right up there with BOO LUVIN’


  • Big Chris

    A KITE is a letter from one inmate to another. so he saying ill write a dude a letter whats up, but im not gunna kiss him in the mouth.

  • $m♥K.E.Y.

    Big Chris

    I understand what “kites” means but is her trying to say men

    in jail use a kite to profess they feelings for one another in a

    discreet way? Please explain. ( i know they use kite to communicate gang issues and etc)

  • And...

    You let one of my female friends lose her senses & try to kiss me in my mouth…

    I’ll stretch her ass out in the floor.

    Hell, I almost pushed a chick down for coming dance on me.

    I don’t care how happy, crunk & loose you get…in the words of Pimp C:

    “…and a fight come with that!”

  • And...

    @ Southern Belle….

    Hey – I’m sure you gon tell it.

    *I’ve been out for a sec. There’s somebody else on here w/the same name as mine just a few more dots. Strange.

  • Moreaces

    Why woould anyone man or woman want to kiss Weezy

  • Southern Belle 225

    The fact that no one knows TQ does not erase the fact that Baby and Lil Wayne like to kiss on the lips. Them dudes is GAY!

  • And...

    TQ talking – now that’s gay.

    Lord there’s nothing worst than a tongue flapping man.

    Newsflash…these days its not only who you sleep w/that makes you gay.

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