Judge Says Government is Responsible For Katrina

- By Bossip Staff

There is no doubt that Hurricane Katrina was a storm of colossal proportions, a rarity even in the current climate of super-charged storm fronts, but it is the ruling of a judge that has given a target for all of those effected by the damage left in its wake.

In a monumental ruling, U.S. District Judge Stanwood R. Duval declared that the government, via negligence on the part of the Army Corp of Engineers, is directly responsible for many of the issues that people encountered after the winds settled. Continue…

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  • gina

    it took them 5 years to figure out what everyone else already knew?

  • http:chokolatemilk.blogspot.com Choco

    People lost their lives and homes this is ridiculous!

  • Alrighty Then...

    EXACTLY GINA!! I’m like “ok, and where’s the ‘A-HA’?!?! We knew the levies were faulty,due as a direct result of shotty work by the ACOE…

    Now, PAY UP Uncle Sam!!! Maybe now some of those folks that you and FEMA beat out of their $$ can recoup some real value and rebuild their lives…

  • Candid Canuck

    and they release this info while Obama’s in office SMDH


    I just don’t see it.Not seeing how ACE can be blamed for being unable to foresee the STORM OF THE CENTURY.Oh well…prayers have been answered.There’s finally a “villain” to sue.
    Lame decision by the judge.

  • kaneesia

    i said that after the levees broke it aint the gvt per say but army corps of engineers….they f!cked up big time 😦

  • Moreaces

    And EVERONE did not know this 5 years ago… Please

  • Aunt Viv


  • oooooooh!

    The government caused KATRINA if you don’t believe me check out OPERATION POPEYE you can see what evil our government in capable of. Please read up on it and don’t be blinded by government lies.

  • Alrighty Then...

    They’ve been talking about the faulty levies since the sh*t happened. Just that ACOE was QUICK to throw off that blame (of course) so there had to be an investigation. It was stated repeatedly that had the levies been better built, they would have withstood Katrina….

  • Str8 Truth

    New Orleans knew for almost 20 years before Katrina those levees were not in the proper condition. New Orleans did not upgrade them.

    Score another one for the New Orleanians looking for a handout. One thing I can say about Mississippians and Alabamans, they picked themselves up and moved on with dignity, even though the rest of the world forgot about them. Katrina made landfall twice, and neither time was NEW ORLEANS!

  • Alrighty Then...

    @This Some Shhhh – I didn’t see that… yeah, aint nobody getting paid off of that, but 1 or 2 people…

  • white male

    A city should have never been built there.

  • always knew

    Is it paranoia, if you are right?

    Those people have already scattered across the states and lost everything they have…

    Too little, too late… 😦

  • Str8 Truth

    Please! Lost everything they had? Many of those areas were poor and full of people on full government assistance. Everything they had was paid for by others.

    What about the hard working middle class in the two other states who actually worked for everything they owned and lost in Katrina? The government, and society as a whole, ignored them and didn’t help them. Insurance companies denied claims. The broke people are getting rich from this and the honest, hard-working are getting shafted.

  • Redd Tony

    Good looking out Judge, but you and I know the govt gonna find a way to over rule your precedent, by going to a higher court. Our govt wont admit to anything no matter how many lives are lost

  • http://bossip.com This some Shhh....

    Alrighty Then…

    @This Some Shhhh – I didn’t see that… yeah, aint *****ody getting paid off of that, but 1 or 2 people…


    It was at the very end of the article. I bet this was not a group of Black people filing this claim.

  • http://bossip.com This some Shhh....

    Str8 Truth

    One thing I can say about Mississippians and Alabamans, they picked themselves up and moved on with dignity, even though the rest of the world forgot about them.


    You spitting nothing but the truth on that. They don’t even speak on it, like it never hit that part of the states.

  • nevrquit

    @Str8 Truth…you seems to sound a little bitter with the decision, are maybe it’s you who can’t capitalize on the beneifits of what the folk of that city endured. Though some of the communities were in poverty areas, doesn’t by any means indicate the lifestyle some of those folk lived or what they had inside their homes, and lets not forget the mental pain and anguish they suffered, to say the least being called refugee’s, which were defermation of their character. There were many working folk who lived there, and provided an honest living for their families. Maybe your mind just blew up like they blew the levees, when you heard the judge render his verdict. Give the folk whats due to them, and next time get a better insurance company, perhaps you won’t get denied if this occur again.

  • Kami All Day (Haters give me Promo.....)


    Thanks for putting the rest out there! Sad too now that you see them listed.

    **I just got done reading a book by Assata Shakur who was affiliated with the BPP. She even speaks about how the government was plotting to destroy them and how they pitted one party against each other so that they would fall.

  • C_Dub

    Of course it’s the government’s fault. Everyone knows and already knew that!!!. This was instantly realized when we look at the demographics of the areas that suffered and it ‘just so happen’ to be in Black communities. The government conducted a modern day Holocaust to rid New Orleans of it’s primarily urban population and make it more attractive to tourist who visit for Made Graus and other festive activities

  • Get Real

    OK…everyone knew that. Unfortunately the realization is those POOR people of all races in that community will never see any but a couple thousand (if that) from the gov’t. The gov’t is not about to give hundreds of thousands to poor Americans with no education. Look what happen to Mike Tyson or Mike Vick. Now if this was a middle class community with high levels of education, they would get paid.

  • shavondenise

    Pretty much.

  • Kami All Day (Haters give me Promo.....)

    I hate our government.

  • Ms. Brilly

    The article isn’t opening for me but I thought that the judge ruled that the Army Corps of Engineers was negligent and caused the damage in specific areas (9th ward and St. Bernard). That’s a different thing from saying that the governement was responsible for Katrina.

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