Good Riddance

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“President” Bush attended the Air Force Academy graduation yesterday. This war-mongering doofus is a walking-talking disaster and it’s about time he got the f**k out of that Oval Office. We have had quite enough of his simple ignorant ass.

Time to make way for the real deal…

It’s Obama all the way. YES WE CAN!!!


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  • lil latte


  • Aunt Viv

    6 months n’ counting…

  • me

    who’s the WE in yes we can..

    democrats, black people…

    also he says “its our time”.. who’s OUR..

  • chris

    what a joke! someone just PSed his pictures to hot ones and then uploaded to the famous dating site~(((((~ I n t i m a t e m i n g l e . c o m ~))))))~, a site for interracial romance, interracial relationship… so he is said to seek an extramarital relationship with a white model there! lol

  • african_4_eva


    C’mon everyone…join me as a SHM.

    (He is so embarrasing)

  • african_4_eva

    oops…I meant, “join me as I SMH”

  • And.....

    Yes its past time for Alfred P. Neuman to get the f**k out of office.

  • And.....

    @Keesha, honey we did not put him in office. He put himself there by stealing the elections. Did anyone catch the movie Recount? It will piss you off to no end the way they hi-jacked the 2000 elections.

  • http://WWW.ROCKTHEVOTE.COM Lola Am


  • NY2CaliLvn

    hey how do u guys get those kewl lookin gravatars?

  • Paint it Red

    Now that Bush is almost out of office I’m beginning to like him..not as a President, but more like a goofy ass stoner friend you can sit and get high with.

  • bree

    Donkey doesn’t need anyone’s help to make him look like an ass- he is good at it all by himself

  • Keesha


    I somewhat believe that, but I also find it amazing that so many people(mostly in the red states) supported him to begin with. Whether you are a republican or not how could you support him? I’m a democrat and if he were the democratic nominee in both elections, I would have voted republican point blank. People are too stuck with being a democrat or republican and need to just pick the best candidate. I just hope Obama can clean up some of his mess and that he gets two terms to do it. Recount was on the other night and I missed. Maybe i’ll get it at Blockbuster. Lord help this country cause we need it!!!

  • Southern Belle 225

    And, WTF are these clowns doing in the pics above?

  • Lauren

    @ And….thats on HBO now right? (RECOUNT) I saw that the other day, the movie is FANTASTIC…..

  • goldyn5md


  • da darkness

    Question: why wasn’t there any plane reckage at the pentagon? where the eff is the footage of this massive plane slamming into the pentagon? D.C. who doesn’t have a camera touring D.C. in September? why hasn’t these question been asked to the white house? where the eff are the journalist in this country? because it was a missle that hit the pentagon and Bush knocked down the towers in cohorts with the oil companies, and IMF and World Bank and Citi Group and Guliani, and Bill Clinton and the Rothchilds… ooooh

  • missdee

    Do the homie… do the homie! lol

  • Lauren

    @ Tiger, Why do you say that Obama says that we have 57 states??? Just asking….

  • Afiya

    He can’t get outta that office fast enough…and good riddance is right!

    Can’t wait to read Scott’s book…even though we all knew it was a bunch of bullcrap going on in the White House!



  • Lauren

    @ Da Darkness…..great questions, too bad they’ll never get answered the government runs EVERYTHING and also HIDES everything they need to cover their asses, so I guess we’ll never know…

  • lovely and amazing

    Paint it Red wrote:

    Now that Bush is almost out of office I’m beginning to like him..not as a President, but more like a goofy ass stoner friend you can sit and get high with.


    Honestly, I always thought that was GW’s appeal to begin with. He even joked about it when he said even C students can be president.

  • Tiger

    The 57 states comment was made by him durring campaign stop in May….

    As for the 9-11 consprisy Nut? There was wreckage found. A security video, the black box, the radar tracks, other evidence that a plane was used abounds. Popular Mechanics Magazine shot down this and other myths years ago.

  • lovely and amazing

    I adore Obama the idea and reality of Obama. I have supported and volunteered for Obama. But I am growing concerned about his majority obnoxious elitist white liberal following.

    White liberals have a fickle history with black people. The same white liberals that love Obama hate everyday, working, middle class, upper middle class black people and these same white liberals that love Obama will resist any change in status quo that will equalize black social status.

    First thing Obama does in office that white liberals disagree with (like, not legalize gay marriage) they will drop their support like a hot slice of tofu. They will destry him from the inside. This will prove destructive not constructive and white liberals are notorious for advocating their progress or non at all.

    I am thinking of voting McCain because at the very least we know what we are dealing with because white liberals don’t control him. Remember what Malcolm saud about white liberals. Wolves in sheeps clothing. Just a thought…

    Obama 2008!

    Yes We Can without white liberal domnination and control!

  • Tiger

    The actual quote:”It is wonderful to be back in Oregon,” Obama said. “Over the last 15 months, we’ve traveled to every corner of the United States. I’ve now been in 57 states? I think one left to go. Alaska and Hawaii, I was not allowed to go to even though I really wanted to visit, but my staff would not justify it.”

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