Coño, Canela: Someone Beat The Breaks Off Brother Nature

Coño, Canela: Someone Beat The Breaks Off Brother Nature And Twitter Wants This Monster ARRESTED

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Footage Of Brother Nature Getting Beaten Up Goes Viral

If the first thing that happens on a beautiful Saturday morning is Brother Nature getting beaten up, we might as well throw the whole weekend away.

Late Friday night/early Saturday morning, a serious altercation went down at La Sandwicherie in Miami, Florida. Footage ended up surfacing online by the patron doing the whooping, but fortunately, his account ended up getting banned after the graphic videos went viral.

According to the aforementioned customer, Brother Nature–also known as Kelvin Peña–walked into the establishment boasting a big attitude. This apparently upset some people, and somehow, things ended up escalating really quickly, with video footage showing Kelvin being stomped out in the parking lot of the restaurant.

Not only that, another video was posted afterward, showing that Peña went back inside the restaurant after getting jumped outside…only to get beaten up again. This time, water and ketchup was thrown in his face while the rest of the patrons in the store sat there and watched.

Because these videos caught so much traction, Brother Nature took to his own twitter account to let his fans know what went down. “I know there’s a video of me getting jumped,” he admitted. “Everyone in the pizza shop literally just watched, with their phones out, and did nothing. Oh well.”

Like we mentioned before, the videos (and dude’s entire account) ended up being deleted from Twitter–but receipts never die. Check out footage of Kelvin getting jumped down below, if you want to torture yourself:


Here’s some of the reactions to the fight down below:




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