Foul Play Overruled

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Sean Levert’s untimely death has been attributed to natural causes. Hopefully this can put to rest any speculation about foul play in his death, for his family’s sake. R.I.P.


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  • Aunt Viv


    RIP Sean Levert

  • lil latte


  • lil latte

    ok 2nd

  • num1dominicano

    weight and stress….

  • lil latte

    I want to yell out “hey kool aid” but that would not be appropriate…so I won’t

  • Aunt Viv

    lil latte you ain’t right-i feel bad for chuckling

  • Celebrity CSI

    I think he went nuts about the thought of staying 80+ months if I’m correct. He just couldn’t take it. They say his behavior was erractic. That would drive most sane people nuts.

  • lil latte

    Aunt Viv-

    I shouldn’t have “thought out loud”

  • I'm Just Me

    RIP Sean!!


    I know its been really hard on his father to lose 2 sons

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  • Royal Chocolate


    Is this for real? Are they going to sell my address to 100,000 folks and have me getting all types of junk mail?

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  • casper

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  • blackgirl

    Star…explain the fat old people? Not trying to say you need to be obese and not lose weight but dang folks act like weight is the only thing that can kill a person just because it is something you can see. Just like people get old who are alcoholics, smokers, sky divers, fat folks can get old too. Lose weight but its always someone that is going to think some sh** instead of concentrating on their hangup. Somethings going to get us all in the end.

  • sickofit

    Really sad, My prayers go out to Eddie Levert and his wife. I know the holidays are going to be real painful for them without their boys. Oh wait, they are Jehovah Witness’s but still. I would be devastated to loose 1 child, but to loose 2 back to back like that. I don’t think I would get out of bed for a year. God bless them. It takes a strong person to get past something like that.

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