Peep Game Here First: 2009 American Music Awards Pics

- By Bossip Staff

R&B ladies Mary J. Blige, Keri Hilson, and Alicia Keys hit up the red carpet for the American Music Awards. Check out more pics when you flip the script…

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  • Aye

    Loves Alicia…Mary also looks fab!

  • Jamacian GOOD Gal

    Kerri H.. looks wierd to me, is it me?

  • Sina

    Third place!!!!

    Kerri looks pasty bad move on the make-up. A Keys looks great but she could have passed on the blue eye shadow….love her though…

  • Sina

    lol guess not

  • bobbi

    keri does look ‘off’ tonight…

  • GO KERI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    all three women are gorgeous!


    Damn, Mary & Alicia looks good. Keri…….mhm maybe next time.

  • http://bossip miss dior

    Akeys looks hot, Mary doesn’t look bad either.

  • Mojoboko

    *uck errbody else. Keri is my bia bia…..but she look weird…maybe its the hair but i’d still eat on full blast

  • bria

    It’s official black music is dead. There is nothing left.

  • always knew


    It’s official black music is dead. There is nothing left
    roflmao, true! πŸ™‚

  • bobbi

    rihanna does have talent. she doesn’t do anything different from any other artist that gets up on a stage. she was having a good time. {{shrugs}} i like her voice…

  • http://bossip miss dior

    Wow Shakira, that shoe is banging.

  • bobbi

    on another note…camel-face is sitting right in the front row. why couldn’t he accept his wife’s award in her absence??? weirdos…

  • ThisMomsADiva

    What is this tattoo going down Rihannas neck and chest. I think she has completely lost her mind!

  • http://Bossip Miss 21

    does anybody kno the name of the song mary j blige sung

  • TheQ

    Keri looks tired. Perhaps its the hair style.

  • bobbi

    talk about no talent? alicia keys can’t sing a lick. i still don’t know how she made it. cute but can’t sing…

  • ThisMomsADiva

    I love Whitney! Good to see her looking healthy and sober! Brought tears to my eyes!!

  • vj

    Keri is whack and boring as hell. She doesn’t even deserve to be in the same post as Mary and Alicia.

  • bobbi

    i don’t know about ‘talnet’ but i think she has ‘talent’. smartee??? humph…

  • Wavey Fade

    Stop hating. Old Alicia and her non dancing is so thrilling and Mary is old enough to be their mama. Old and piano playing is exciting to you? How often do you play bingo. Once or twice a week.

  • Prince

    Rihanna is very Talented and Beautiful her performance was Hotness!!Rihanna and Lady GaGa killed the award show!! No other performances topped theirs!

  • Rihanna's point witchy finger to the oath and my ass got BANNED from bossip

    Shakira has officially taken the oath. She’s a Beyarnce mannequin now

  • Rihanna's point witchy finger to the oath and my ass got BANNED from bossip

    Akeys IS BOTTOM HEAVY, my goodness look at those legs

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