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Diddy & Ray Dalio

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Diddy & His Mentor Ray Dalio Drop Gem After Gem On Excellence & Work Ethic [Video]

We would all like to think that our favorite celebrities and millionaires are great at everything they touch but the truth is a lot of failures happen the world never sees. For Diddy the losses almost never get the time of day because the wins are so big. While it looks like a small issue to us when executing at that level, it can hold you back. Diddy selflessly discusses this in an open forum in a new video that released with his billionaire mentor Ray Dalio.

The video is essentially to push Ray’s new book but Diddy also touched on personal troubles. In the video, Diddy opens up on why he took a step back from music revealing that the problem was the people around him. In case you’re curious how Ray and Diddy met, the two were at the Forbes 100 and made conversation while standing in alphabetical order. Ray is a billionaire hedge fund manager and ranked 58th richest personal in the word with over $18 billion in the bank.

This conversation and the gems dropped doesn’t happen often, you’ll see Diddy in a vulnerable way that you haven’t seen before.

So get your pen and paper and watch the video below to get a billion dollars worth of free game.



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