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Mr. Sean John must’ve been feeling a little guilty for being all bunned up with Cassie on Mother’s Day and sportin her ass around at the Cannes festival, so what next? Call up the paps and make sure they take a gang of “fatherly” pics of him and his twins D’lila Star and Jesse James.

But for real, it’s good to see him doing the daddy thing, but where is Kim Porter???

Some more family fun for you under the hood…

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  • Thee Rockstar


    his twins are cute

  • ~*~IslandNik~*~

    HMM… cute babies for real

  • major

    Diddy and the little lady Diddys

  • IDK

    Diddy’s twin are so precious. I just realized that they favor his oldest biological son, Justin. I don’t see Diddy or Kim anywhere in those girls.

  • cat4everrr

    damn, why am i a sucka for a guy who can take care of his kids?!?!?!


  • cat4everrr

    those girls are just georgous and i’m just hating myself for loving these picks

  • Vito

    Adorable!(the twins that is)

  • cat4everrr

    to be honest i’m really not interested in hearing about kim anymore. alls i want to know is- is he taking care of those damn kids. it appears to me that he takes pride in being a father and that’s enough for me

  • mrslaadee

    How much you want to bet that Cassie was sitting in the car or on the other side of the park so she could not be photographed this time? You have never seen Diddy out with those twins without Kim around so I know Cassie was somewhere near.

  • Fellow Houstonian

    They are beautiful but why did they name one Jesse James?

    I need to hit the LOTTERY!!!!

  • Vinandi

    them babies are cute and chubby!!!

  • Z

    Kim took a break to go do her while Diddy got the chillun!

  • Re

    I always feel this crazy urge for some cheek pinching after I see these girls.

  • I really hope this isn't as good as it gets....

    the twins are cute….but Sharon Stone did clown that ass!

  • Lauren

    WOW Somer, great story! LOL!!

  • Lauren

    Anybody catch the catholic priest @ Rev. Wright’s church immitating Hillary Clinton on the TODAY show this morning? it was HILLARIOUS!!!

  • Tara

    Where are their shoes???!!!!

  • diva

    What about the other little girl? She gets no photo opps, huh?

  • Harlem Chic

    Awwwwwwwwwwwww. They are the cutest little gurls….

  • "Houston's Finest"

    Bravooooooooooooooooo! It’s funny how diddy picks and choses which kids he want to help him make an”EXAMPLE” of fatherhood. Where is that little boy! Oh.. I mean, those little boys. They should be out there playing with their sisters too or in the background throwing a football or something at eachother! The twins are cute, but DIDDY is playing favorites!

    To be continued….

  • getyourhandouttamypocket

    They just get cuter and cuter every time I see them!

  • jandsmama

    I’m with you Tara! Put some shoes on these babies! They have hats but no shoes?

  • anon

    WAKE UP !!! Bush plans to end the USA as you and I know it by combining with Canada and Mexico. Look …

  • Southern Belle 225

    @Somer…damn! It went down like that? Good for his punk ass!

    Those girls are so cute and fat! I want to bite them!

  • Anonymous

    I think that Cassie picture on Mother’s day was the last straw for Kim (I hope so at least). Girl you don’t need him, go find you someone who will appreciate you!

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