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Bossip’s Top Reality TV Shows Of The Decade

As the decades comes to a close, we’re coming at you with our end of the decade list for every avenue of entertainment. One of the most mesmerizing avenues of entertainment this decades was the craziness that is Reality TV. Some refer to it as “trash tv” but it’s so shocking and outlandish you can’t help but pay attention to it. It dominates all your social media’s, is the talk of the workplace and nowadays its a good chance that someone who lives within an hour radius of your home is on a show of some sort. Lets take a look back at the decade in reality television.

Fixer Upper (HGTV)

This may be the most surprising entry on the list as it comes with minimal drama & tea but the tea on the shows start is scorching hot and the show its self is addictive. The shows host Chip and Joanna Gaines have made themselves famous with their show selling and remodeling houses for clients and bringing the world along for the ride. While the show is a well put together production that landed them with Target home decor lines and other ventures the start of the show was plagued in drama. According to the Charlotte Observer the couple pulled the reality tv finesse of the century. The claims allegedly bought out their former business partners without disclosing the details of “Fixer Upper” and that it would be nationally televised. Essentially before signing their HGTV contract, they told their partners business partners it wasnt looking good and offered to buy their percentage of the company (which they agreed) and then turn around and signed their HGTV deal. If true, sucks for them but the shiplap still has to be laid and we will all be there watching when they return to tv as they announced on late-night tv earlier this year.

Temptation Island (USA)

Temptation Island is best described as throwing couples on an island with the option to cheat or stay faithful. It seems harmless but the shows production crew shows each person on the island edited clips of the other’s behaviors. If you know anything about reality tv you know the editors know how to chop and splice the footage and audio to make it seem like something it isn’t which in return breaks down any promise to remain faithful in seconds. In the end, they bring the couples back together to discuss what’s left of their relationship and it’s just too good to be included in your cable package without its own charge.


Catfish The TV Show (MTV)

Catfish the tv was an instant hit and phenomenon that was so good it single-handedly carried MTV on its back during the beginning of the 2010’s. The show is a spin-off of host Yaniv “Nev” Schulman real-life experience which he made into a movie. Catfishing is essentially falling for an online lover and meeting them in person and they aren’t who they say they are. Which is all way too common and even with social media and facetime more accessible than over the hopeless romantics out there still fall for the trap time and time again. Next month the show will begin airing their 8th season and the show doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.


Black Ink Crew [Franchise] (VH1)

When you think reality tv the last thing you would expect the cameras to end up would be in a tattoo parlor. Maybe this should have happened sooner because the drama within the shops is must-see TV. At some points, the drama is so intense you’ll have to stop and ask yourself when’s the last time you even see a tattoo being done.


Keeping Up With The Kardashians (E!)

Perhaps the longest-running family reality show ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ draws eyeballs from every type of audience known to man. Featuring the family that everyone says has no talent it seems their talent is keeping us watching their lifestyle. From the birth of kids to cheating scandals, multiple divorces to leaked intimate content we’ve been along for the ups and downs of the whole family. With the offsprings getting older it’s safe to say they’ll carry the reality tv torch and our kids, and grandkids and their kids will be watching ‘Keeping Up’ well after most of us aren’t even here.


90 Day Fiance [Franchise] (TLC)

If you want surefire ratings all you have to do is broadcast toxic relationships in some format. With reality tv on every network, it’s hard to find a new formula to deliver toxic relationships but TLC found a new format that is GOLD. 90 Day Fiance focuses on hopeless romantics with relationships with non-us citizens and followers their journey to finally be together and share each other’s hand in marriage. The show run time is usually around two hours and still keeps viewers from start to finish. WIth drama from every angle, the skeptical family members thinking the spouse wants a green card, the spouses’ family not approving of their child moving to America, the language barriers, culture barriers, hidden agendas, and background makes the show a ticking time bomb of truely entertaining explosions. TLC has it so good not only did they have to expand they now have ‘Before The 90 Days’, ‘After The First 90 Days’ and even ‘Happily Ever After’. While continuing to run 3 massive franchises of the show in 2019 they introduced the same concept but ‘The Other Way’ where Americans move abroad to follow their love interest. The most amazing factor is even with 3 franchises with six new couples every season WE STILL WANT MORE.


Love & HipHop [Franchise]

Love & Hip-hop is by far the most fascinating franchise to ever touch reality tv. Every city, every episode the franchise lives up to the term “reality tv”. Thrown drinks, hidden babies, stolen money, toxic relationships, shady business deals and of course the custody battles LHH never disappoints. From east coast to west coast to the south of Miami Love & Hip-hop is there. Mona Scott has proven she is an architect that can deliver the talent the people want and the ratings VH1 desires. We’ve been given an inside look to some of our favorite entertainers like never before from Trina & Trickdaddy who’ve always kept their business insanely private to the entire Dipset crew. Some have even joined the show and we didn’t even know they were in serious relationships such as Soulja boy. We’ve watched them fight, reunite, go broke, go to jail, and get embarrassed all in front of the lense.



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