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A Search For Stolen Donuts Ends Up Leading Cops To A Lot More

A group of thieves who stole some donuts right before Christmas ended up being caught up with a whole lot more.

According to reports from KSNB Local 4, the York Police Department in Nebraska received an early morning phone call from workers at Grand Central, who said their middle-of-the-night delivery of Daylight Donuts had been stolen before the store opened. As Sgt. Mike Hanke explained, donuts are delivered to the store (and other businesses) during the night and placed in locked locations until workers retrieve them the next morning.

The six dozen donuts, although they were delivered, had simply gone missing–prompting an investigation. An officer was able to view surveillance video which showed the people stealing the goods and luckily, he was able to identify them quickly as he had had contact with two of them in a separate situation during the same evening.

Following their discovery, cops began looking for the alleged donut thieves and that morning, they received information about where the stolen pastries had been taken. After police officers obtained a search warrant and entered the residence, they found all of the missing doughnuts along with some more, unexpected discoveries. 

A spokesperson for the police department said that inside the residence, they also found a wanted man for whom an arrest warrant had been issued in a separate situation. “And police officers also found a lot of drugs and drug paraphernalia,” Sgt. Hanke said, indicating the discovered controlled substances included methamphetamine and marijuana. “York police officers made three arrests and there were two citations.”

The three people arrested were 49-year-old Angela Grady, 50-year-old David Burling, and 29-year-old Timothy Brundgardt. Formal charges have reportedly not yet been filed with the court, but the charges listed on the affidavits are for possession of a controlled substance.




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