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Check out the cover for Nas’ new self titled album, it basically speaks for itself – for real.

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  • Ernest.

    DOPE> Slavery isn’t the same … but, we still are facing the whips and chains !!!!

  • whateva!


  • lipstickslick

    no.1 ………… i think this ablbum will be

  • get a freaking life

    Nas is lost and really don’t know what to do just like his muisc.

  • Lauren

    He needs to stop, is he trying to depict what Jesus went through??? Because he cannot….he is a lil too extreme for me, but I love love love wifey’s music!!

  • k.k

    o0o0k..so0o0o what now?whats the message he’s tryna send?

  • whateva!

    Damn Ernest:)

    I can’t wait for the album to drop.

  • k.k

    @ lauren

    its not jesus..its slavery an of course as we all know the N-word

  • LdyK

    yeah it’s prolific…I did think the “n” word was a bit much…people (other non-black ppl.) wouldn’t have really understood the msg.

    this speaks volumes.

  • Lady elle


    no it’s the back of a rebellous slave

  • Royal Chocolate

    @ Ernest…

    So true. Now, the whips and chains come from and are used by us on each other. Sad.

  • Lauren


    I see, but why are we gonig back to slavery, lets look forward black people, we won’t get reparations so let it go!!

  • num1dominicano

    whatever works for him..

  • ~*~IslandNik~*~

    nas always comes with somethin meaninful.. i hope his music lives up to what the cover is depictin.. but seriously tho.. the graphics r insane.. those bruises made my nipples hurt

  • Marquis de Sade

    There’s nothing more amusing than a delusional rapper with a Messiah/Persecution complex.

  • bree

    damn, Nas took this left for real.

  • Afiya

    His back isn’t strong enough to withstand the agony of a slave…lets not play pretend…


  • dayg715

    AWESOME!!!!! great job, Nas. he didn’t even have to call it the N-word. this cover does indeed get the message across, and in an even STRONGER way. and all these ignorant-ass uneducated negroes need to wake up and pay attention to what he’s saying, instead of droppin it like it’s hot in the club and flossin’ their paper. Nas is more than just another rapper; he’s a goddamn Hip Hop Professor. i’m buying 2 copies of his CD!

  • justareader

    i guess.. that ish’ looks nasty.

  • dayg715

    but of course you dumb ass black people ain’t feelin’ it. why am i not surprised?


    We AS BLACK PEOPLE are enslaving ourselves by the COLOR STRUCK MENTALITY AND separation of skin toneS and believing that the lighter someone is the better. Nas has a slavery obsession. But in actuality we are still enslaved by all the Black men who believe that white women are superior (which they are not hardly) and seek white women as some type of status symbol, when the symbol is that THEY HATE THEMSELVES!!! When OUR PEOPLE BEGIN TO LOVE THEMSELVES and learn how to respect Black women (like their own mothers are) then we will be begin to FREE ourselves from slavery of any kind!!!!!!!


    I feel like that at work sometimes 😦

  • Ms.Brilly

    It’s a powerful image. I’m proud of Nas. It certainly sends a message and provokes thought. Can’t wait for the album to drop!

  • Lauren

    @ Dayg715, I’m not a dumb but I’m also not feeling the cover, if we all had the same opinions we would be the same correct? So can we have our own opinions please??

  • Southern Belle 225

    Loves me some Nas! He always give us something to think about. He knows what’s up. Loves me some Kelis too! That’s my girl!

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