BART Police Caught Brutalizing Again…Slams Man Into Glass Window

- By Bossip Staff

The Bay Area Rapid Transit system has found itself in the midst of another incident after video surfaced showing a BART officer slamming a man into a glass barrier at a transit station, shattering the glass. Continue…

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  • Mo-Skii

    All BART police need to be fired and just hire securitas instead. they will get the job done WITHOUT conflict. at what point do we officially pull the plug on these over-zealous idoits? Do we need to loose another life?


    SMDH… 😦

  • Witanga

    Man it wasnt even that bad. If the correct tempered glass was used to glass would have never shattered.

  • Rihanna's sharp n witchy-aka-Jigger-AjewsNiCCa

    f u c k i n g control freaks… give a peon a little power and look at how the ape acts

  • always knew

    the ‘officer’ should be fired…

    that is a perfect example of ‘excessive force”

    AND everyone that isn’t a minority, will see no harm done, while everyone that is a minority will see the injustice and unfairness of it all…

    Maybe he did deserve to be arrested ( I dk, i wasn’t there), but whatever he did, certaintly does
    not call for this violent type of behaviour, much less, ‘law-enforcement’…


    I certaintly hope this man is alright, and I hope he gets one heck of a lawsuit against the City and personally against the officer and against the poice dept, for training the ‘criminals w/ badges’, in this violent and unnecessary manner. A lawsuit also needs to be filed against violation of his civil rights…

    And finally: Wht folks should not be patroling a predominately blk community, where no whts really live, this gives them a chance to be more ‘scared’ in their argument to justify using unnecessary force… Do you ever see blks patroling wht neighborhoods? I don’t mean the token that lives in the community, why do we not have the same treatment? Blk officers in blk communities…Well, maybe they are too busy being gunned down, for being blk while carrying a weapon…( anybody remember NY blk cop, killed?)

    Clearly, we need more blk officers to have blk people dealt with, in a much more humane manner, instead of just shooting blks or using violence…

    SMDH 😦

  • always knew

    @Witanga- “Man it wasnt even that bad. If the correct tempered gl***** was used to gl***** would have never shattered.”

    TYPICAL and expected. You must be a wht blogger.

    I wish that was your mom, it happened to, I wonder if you would still say the same thing…

    race relations in 2009 😦

  • Hot Chocolate

    When you act a fool expect them to treat you like one. The cop was wrong for the amount of force he used, causing the window to break.

  • denne

    it looks like the glass broke before his body even got to it… he probably punched his hand through it trying to strong-arm the police…

  • Why oh Why?!

    Just read another article where the guy’s own father told CNN that he is bi-polar and suffered from drug abuse.

  • Fine Babe

    Police brutality has been out of control. Some personalities already have a power happy mindset and once they become police officers…it’s o-v-e-r. Kudos to all the legit and hardworking police officers but something got to be done about all this excessive force going on around the nation.

  • C-Red

    LOL I think this was a case of cheap glass more than brutality lol. he didn’t even slam him that hard. Look I’m no loer of the polce, had a few run ins myself, but if the crowd was clapping obviiously he was an annoying a-hole. was it excessive force, no the glass was just cheap.

  • RoseoftheBayArea

    It really said to say; but thoses of us that in the Bay Area already know how BART Police do. They are now mad cause people have camera phones and are catching this on them. Before the cameras at the stations NEVER caught any of this stuff…..

    Makes you think huh? And to C-Red; you would not say that if it where your loved one being treated that way.

  • Rrrrroe Ski Love- A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

    I am black and I say he was wrong for disrupting the passengers. Take his no good unruly arse to jail. Police never know what might happen during any arrest. They are taught to control the situation. He showed loudmouth that he was in total control. No excessive force here, just a policeman doing his job. Thankyou officer Friendly!

  • 1 HATED ON

    I’m honored to not be allowed to network with others who feel obligated to fight hatrid with hatrid from east to west. I’ll make it simple…better start sharing with us or become part of the food chain & I’m not talking illegal immigrant rates neither!

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