Bugsy May Have Crossed the Line With This One…

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Officials say arson may be the cause of a massive fire at Bugsy’s ex-girlfriends’ crib:

“A raging fire that one fire official called “definitely suspicious” gutted a Dix Hills home owned by the Grammy-nominated rapper 50 Cent Friday morning, sending six people inside the house to the hospital [including] 50 Cent’s ex-girlfriend, Shaniqua Tompkins, and their 10-year-old son, Marquise.

One of the first firefighters to arrive on the scene [said], ‘I would say there is a strong — a strong, strong — possibility that it is suspicious.’ Asked why he believed the fire was suspicious [the firefighter said], ‘The rapid movement of the fire. The volume of the fire . . . It was engulfed. The home was totally gutted.’

The home at 2 Sandra Drive, purchased by the rapper in January 2007 for a reported $1.4 million, has been at the center of a lawsuit between 50 Cent and Tompkins. The 32-year-old rapper, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, last month tried to evict Tompkins and their son from the home unless she paid him $4,500 a month in rent.”

How ironic…The very same home Bugsy tried to evict Shaniqua from is now burnt to a crisp. Surely the upstanding gents in Bugs Monkeys’ entourage would have nothing to do with such a heinous crime? Hmmm.

There it is, up in flames. SMH:


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Update: Click HERE to get a distant glimpse of the feud that took place between 50 and ex-girlfriend Shaniqua Tomkins earlier this week on the streets of NY. Word is the beef is related to accusations that one of Bugsy’s goons trashed Shaniqua’s lawyers’ office. Heavy dramatics.

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  • sickofit


  • Ashley

    I would like to think neither one of them would do this intentionally with their son IN the house. If they said the house was completely empty, yeah i could see that lol

  • Binary Star

    Somebody’s going to jail for that one.


    I really don’t want to belive that Curtis would endanger his son like that…. that would be fuqin nutz

  • sickofit

    Could have been ole girl that got her azz whopped by his boy a few days ago.

  • ILLY

    All I can think about is the son. How he must feel knowing his father tried to evict him, his mom, and sibling. 50 aint no good going to come to you until you do right by that boy AND his mother.

  • justareader

    man, if he did do it, how sad is that. i’m starting to not like him, he doesn’t seem like a “father” to his son. if he doesn’t want to pay the mother then why doesn’t he have joint custody with his son. i think that he did it. he’s mad at the baby momma, but it’s affecting their child, and now he’s in the hospital. i bet he isn’t even going to go see him.

  • Qt

    FOR SURE!! it was not 50 .. he loves Marquise to death!!! now, if he thought marquise was going to be at school, maybe .. but this smells like ANYONE of his noob goons!!

  • chris

    This dude is found at the interracial club +(((((((+ I n t i m a t e m i n g l e. c o m +)))))))+a moment ago. He has created a personal profile to seek young and hot girls out of his race there.

  • Lady Architect

    so sad for the boy. I’d hate if either one of them did this. It’s bad enough they are fighting because the mother is a golddigger with a low life man who wants to live off of another man’s money.

  • Nikki

    I know this is a serious subject and really attempted murder if it was intentional, but all I can think about is how he look like he straight off of “Planet of the Apes” in that picture. I never thought he was attractive but DAMN! Forget Obama, that’s Curius George right there!

  • rox

    the butler did it…..c’mon anyone can see this for what it is a mile away without glasses?!!! thts a shame they did it tho while everyone was at home @ 5am?!!!

  • I'm no 50 fan

    I think the baby mama’s new man has something to do with this. He is the one that is fanning all of this non-sense behind the scene. Don’t forget him and his boys tried to provoke 50 recently. I really don’t believe 50 would have something like this done with his child around that is just plain dumb. The new man sounds like he is thirsty.

  • Mr. Marcus ™

    dont jump to conclusions

  • sky

    It wouldnt surprise me at all if it actually was the baby mama who did this she seems capible of it too the way she so desperate of getting her hands on 50’s money getting her boyfriend and friend to try fight with 50 cent so she be able to sue him for more money recently shes trying to sue him for 50 million. This has got her finger prints all over it whats sick is she’d endanger her son for her greed this is a desperate attempt to frame 50 cent if she really did do this shes sick and the son needs to be taken away from her n she needs to go to jail or a instituion.

  • http://hotmail Bonita

    Man, I wouldn’t be surprised if his baby mother did it to make it look like 50 did it. She aint got no job, he wanted her out of the house and that ghetto mentality of hers “If I can’t have it no one will” comes to mind…I’m sorry but i believe she did it! This chick was getting over 20K a month in child support and wanted more, then they reduced it to 5K or 6k a month, she is pissed. She burnt it down to make 50 look guilty because of all the drama surrounding him. If any of you ever saw her,,,,you’d think the same thing. I’m from Queens,,,she pissed at 50 right now!

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  • rox

    aw damn….tmz is saying 50 and baby momma had beef at her lawyers office yest and the office got trashed! coincidence???

  • Serafina

    To insinuate that 5 Pennies set the fire himself or had one of his croonies do it is childish.

    Considering how immature, petty and vindictive Ms. Shaniqua is, could it really be so far fetched to think that she or her boyfriend set the fire on purpose themselves?

    They could have done it, kinda saying if WE can’t live here then NO one can stay here. Or they could have set it as a last ditch effort to make 5 Pennies responsible for putting another roof over his son’s head. Knowing he’d do it in a quick hurry, even if the courts didnt tell him to, I have an inkling he loves his son just that much.

    Bottom line, to have the house catch afire the same week she brings him to court in a $50 Million lawsuit, the same week that her boyfriend and his friends try to provoke 5 Pennies into a fight, surely would make the suspicion turn to her.

  • tintin

    i think baby mama did it cause she was losing the house as 50 was taking it from her. the fire most likely turned out bigger than she thought it would

  • james

    how aboyut his baby moms did it..if she cant have da house, 50 cant have it too…

  • WordtotheWise

    It makes no sense to me why SHE would set a fire while her, her child and others are in the house. If she was to set the fire, wouldn’t she be, let’s see…not home. Common now.

  • http://www.myspace.com/thegameoncw Bird

    Why would 50 burn the house down? He successfully evicted Shaniqua. If anyone had motive to burn the house down, it would be his baby mama.

  • k.k

    the baby mama did it!..thats a lot of money 50 would be loosing if he did that himself

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