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Gigi Hadid Summoned For Jury Duty In Harvey Weinstein Case

Even the famous and the wealthy get called to court for the regular civic duties us regular folk have to deal with. Today Twitter was reminded of this when tweets showing supermodel Gigi Hadid showing up to jury duty went viral.

Many thought this whole story was just another Twitter troll, but shortly after, pictures of her arriving went viral. The most interesting part–besides just the fact that celebrities have to go to jury duty was that many users hinted that she was being selected to be a juror for the highly-anticipated trial for Harvey Weinstein.

Shortly after those Twitter rumors started swirling, Glamour confirmed that was, in fact, the case.

“On Monday morning, supermodel Gigi Hadid strutted toward the State Supreme Court in Manhattan to fulfill her civic responsibilities and report for jury duty. The 24-year-old was one of around 120 New Yorkers who answered the selection summons for Harvey Weinstein’s rape trial. If chosen, Hadid would help decide whether Weinstein serves a maximum sentence of 25 years in prison.”

While many were quick to point out the conflict of interest since Hadid is a socialite and there’s a pretty good chance she knew at least someone involved in the case, that might not interfere with her ability to be a juror.

The New York Daily News reported when Judge James Burke asked whether any of the potential jurors knew anyone on the defense or prosecution, Hadid raised her hand while being seated just 20 feet from Weinstein.

“I have met the defendant,” Hadid said. “I have met Salma Hayek and possibly Ryan Beatty” she told the Judge. Then she added, “I think I’m still able to keep an open mind on the facts.” which is a bold statement for anyone who’s met several of the parties involved.

Weinstein’s lawyers didn’t seem to think her being apart of the jury would be a problem either.

Very interesting turn of events for such a highly covered case. Only time will tell if she is actually allowed to be a juror in this case, but if she is chosen, she can almost certainly expect to miss a lot of work, because this case could last weeks, even months once it goes to trial.



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