Are You Feelin This Get Up??

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Here are a few pics of Cuba Gooding Jr. getting some grub with his son in Malibu this weekend. Cuba definitely has that cornball steez on lock.

Images via WENN

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  • Marquis de Sade

    Well if cornball is equated with maintaining a healthy marriage, no tabloid arrests and being a responsible familyman, then cornball he be. Kudos.

  • no no no

    that is so funny…cornball steez

  • InsertDopeWordsHere

    It’s always good to see a father spending time with his son…


    i hate those damn clog shoes

  • Jaycee

    I think it shows that he is on a real outting with his family, not a photo op like some other folk we know.

    Most people aren’t well put together 100% of the time.

  • OUCH

    hes such a HOMO!

  • ThatsBull00

    I’m glad he got with a white woman cuz we DEFINATELY wouldn’t want no King of the Cornballs like this fool

  • Panamanians Do It Better



  • Free2Bee

    I hate to say it…but his son is definitely taking after his uncle…but maybe it’s just the baby fat.

  • John

    My boy Cuba is known for his out-of -pocket wardrobe! Dude would try anything!!

  • Keith S.

    Cuba does look a little off in this pic, but dude is out with his kids, at home, chillin. dress isn’t important to him, but his family is! Get off his nuts already. Talk about hatin’ on a bruh!

  • lisa

    Cosign with Jaycee.

  • Honut Sinti

    He looks normal and pleasant to me. Great that he is out with his son!

  • and another one..

    Well father and son share the same taste in kicks yuck! I like Cuba that fit got’s to go ASAP

  • Izzy V.

    Is his son seriously wearing Crocs!

    Everyone in Southern California thinks those shoes are the hottest things since shoe strings! It’s kind of like that whole Chinese mesh slipper craze!

    If I see on more person with those shoes I’m going to kick them.

  • Keith S.

    Not everyone Izzy! Believe me! I never have and never will wear those shoes! I can see kids/teenagers wearing them tho.. but i’m grown! 🙂

  • TodaySpongeBob

    I’m glad to see a dad out with his son. It’s sweet. His son reminds me of Juicy from the PJ’s though.

  • tmzh

    he is divorced

    I’m white and Cuba along with Donald Faison are not black enough for my taste. Boyz in the Hood

    jesus WHERE is Lorenz Tate he was IT

  • so what

    It look like a Dad out with his son. He look comfortale and normal to me….so what

    He is married to his highschool Sweetheart who happen to be white…so what

  • Marquis de Sade

    @ Ouch

    LOL! If you’re going to impersonate me fvcktard, at least have the commonsense to opt out of the CHECK ME OUT link.

  • chris

    Why does someone discriminate black? I don’t think love is just belongs to white. I’m a black and but my hubby is white. We met at +(((((+ I n t i m a t e m i n g l e. c o m +)))))+which tell us love is color blind. Our love proved this. I hope each one will not discriminate blacks.

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  • Honey Raye Futrelle

    hahahahahaha @ “he looks normal”… it’s good to see a father out with his son, but the LEAST he could have done is opted for a plain white shirt with those shorts. It doesn’t take a degree in fashion design to make THAT choice.

  • WordzOfaProphet

    SUMBODY PLEZE BURN THOSE DAMN CLOG SHOES!!!!!!!! IMMEDIATELY. I hate those damn shoes on anybody. Cuba huney its all gud that u wanna spend time with ur son, but next time don’t wear a golf hat, a island shirt, army fatigue shorts, and your grammys old sweater tied around your waist. U know you can do better!!!!

  • Lush-Us Lipps

    He is the Ultimate Hollyweird LAME! Not feeling him at all.

  • TodaySpongeBob

    @TMZH…not black enough? Cuba is not exactly ummmm Wentworth Miller…his “black” isn’t going anywhere. He’s Neeeeegro. Duh. Let’s move on.

    If you mean that he’s mild-mannered–that’s his business. It doesn’t make him any less B.L.A.C.K. He’s just a plain looking guy being who he wants to be. But what’s harder, keeping a marriage together with a plain jane wife in Hollywood and raising three kids or making your life a damned predictable negative statistic? His son may look like Juicy…but Cuba is gettin’ the job done. Stop the hate…Congratulate.

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