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Blue Bell Ice Cream Licker Faces 1 Year In Prison For Gross Prank

You might not remember the name D’Adrien Anderson, but you damn sure remember his antics.

Anderson is the social media attention-slore who thought it hilarious to lick pints of Blue Bell ice cream at a Port Arthur, Texas Walmart and then put them back in the freezer. Yesterday, D’Adrien plead guilty to the crime and according to DailyMail he’s now facing a year in jail and a $4,000 fine.

We hope he gets both. Being that he’s from P.A., we’d like to see D’Adrien on an episode of Scared Straight where Bun B slaps him in the face with a pie a la mode but we won’t hold our breath.

So many internet goofies pulled this same stunt that we can only hope that 365 days in the bing will show people that there are real consequences to digital d!¢kheadery.

We won’t hold our breath for that either.



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