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Laila Ali is definitely glowing as a mother-to-be. She, Holly Robinson Peete, Shondrella Avery, and someone with some hairy ass legs attended A Place Called Home Achievement Awards luncheon in Beverly Hills…

Some more including who those hairy legs belong to coming up next…

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  • miss misia

    oh gawd i almost lost my breakfast thanks to monique’s nasty ass legs. damn thats so wrong.

  • Panamanians Do It Better


  • Teeza

    I like Mo’Nique but she looks an Overall mess.

  • Lola AM

    Laila looks glowingly gorgeous! 🙂

  • getyourhandouttamypocket

    Monique keeps some furry legs! UGH! Laila looks so cute!

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  • Sugar

    Absolutely no excuses, Monique. If you were too lazy to shave your legs, you could’ve thrown on a nice pair of slacks, plain and simple.

  • ILLY

    When Monique co-hosted on The View she said that she doesn’t shave her legs.

  • rhodesgal

    i know women who dont shave and have way hairier legs than Monique. if she doesnt wanna shave, then let her be. hairy legs dont make u less beautiful.

  • lisa

    Folks, some MEN like their women to have hair on their legs.

  • joyce

    i am more disturbed by the absence of any makeup on monique’s face! how can ANY celeb attend a public event without having their face done?? of course, that hair on her legs is just gross.

  • Tammy

    Laila’s shirt is hella cute. The outfit is not a stand out but it looks really cute.

  • Mel

    No no most men like smooth legs, some do like the hairs…lolololololol @ Monique’s legs hahaaa.

    Laila looks beautiful!!

    Holly looks bland.

  • Henny & Red Bull is da ....

    Laila is looking nice but could have worn a better top. Most men like a good grade of hair in other places on a woman’s body but not the legs just speaking for myself. Is it me or does Holly Robinson-Peete & “Prancer” from Flavor of Love were separated @ birth?

  • LB

    I remember Monique saying on “The View” that she doesn’t shave anything on her body, but her armpits.

    I forgot the reason she gave as to why she felt that looking like Grizzly Adams, from the neck down, is a good thing, though.

  • Nurse GiGi

    Monique is just having an off day…way off.

    Will someone take that “Thug loving” Add off of this site, damn?

  • Bird

    My ex preferred hairy legs and would sometime ask if I would go without shaving which I would gladly do for him. Some people just like it. What can you say? To each his own.

  • BostonBitty (Im Back, Im Black and Im still talking S***)

    wow a beautiful black woman and man get married and theeennn have a child. WOOWW did i mention they were BOTH black? right on sista!!

  • chris

    It is claimed by AOL that+((((+ I n t i m a t e m i n g l e. c o m +)))))+is a best place for interracial singles, black or white to interact with each other. It is said that love is color blinded there. Maybe you wanna check it out.

  • Vinandi

    @ Marquis

    now thats just mean about M0nique- she is not ugly and she is as funny as hell and probaly laughs her men into bed!!

    Laila looks glowing! and as for those hairy legs- just plain awful! ( gkad i shave mine last week!)

  • happy to be alive

    Monique if you want people to stop calling you Wide Nose Havin,…. fix yourself up. Right now you look like one of Idi Amin’s wifey’s.

    Laila is pregnant… but she still has that “I’m the Chief Carpet Muncher, and your ass better not forget it” look. No matter how much makeup, she looks so hard and dike-ish!

  • $m♥K.E.Y.

    yikes! I almost thought that was Snuffy from Sesame Street and not Monique’s

    leg. Double Yikes!

  • rox

    I thought Mo was supposed to be reppin for the big girls?! She’s fired for real…..she’s gotta know better than that?????

  • Black Beauty

    Laila looks lovely, best wishes to her. As for Mo, I really like her, buy she has certainly looked a lot better. Oh well, everyone has an off day. Her legs are hairy, but I know for a fact that a lot of women don’t shave, especially, down South. If her man doesn’t mind, who am I to judge?

  • Official TimeHater

    Mo’Nique is an official MD girl with them hairy ass legs, never have I seen so many wolfman legs on women since I moved to this MD/VA/DC area..

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