Keyshawn Johnson Put On Front Street By White Woman And Sister He Is Playing On BOTH COASTS

- By Bossip Staff

Keyshawn and his finagling ways are being put on blast. The white woman pictured up top, Jennifer Conrad, is holding a gut full of human that is due next month. Jen reached out to a woman that she saw pictured with him  about a year ago, a sister named Kristine Coleman. Turns out, Keyshawn is still getting it in with the both of them:

It has recently come out that Keyshawn Johnson has at least two separate lives. An east coast life and a west coast life. On the east coast, in New York, he has a girlfriend (whom he’s been seeing since September 2008) named Jennifer Conrad; a twenty-five year old Caucasian woman who is eight month’s pregnant (due in January). Although they do not live together, she  plays an active role in his life on the east coast. She has often socialized with his friends and he has spent time with her parents, family and friends.

On the west coast, Keyshawn is engaged to a thirty-something year old African-American and Japanese woman (whom he’s been with for five years) named Kristine Coleman. They live together, she helps with his kids (from a previous marriage), regularly socializes with his family and friends, and takes care of their LA home, basically, living the life of a woman waiting to marry the love of her life.
Until a month ago, the women didn’t know anything about each other, but they do now. Jennifer placed all the information on the forum, urging Kristine to contact her. Jennifer then got a hold of Kristine’s number and called her. Both women were lied to by this man (who is supposed to be a role model for ESPN, ABC, and DISNEY of all networks) and continue to be lied to.

This sounds like an episode of All My Children. SMH

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  • leogame


  • leogame

    Good 4 him

  • shameonhim

    what a c u n t!!!


    do yall really expect these men with all this money to have one woman?

  • Bg( Still full!!!)

    C’MON MAN!!!

  • Re

    LMAO! What a loser. He is messing with the livelihoods of these women.

  • Janae

    Oh well. Women pursue men like Keyshawn for their cash not their “character”. When a player acts like a “player”, I’m never shocked. That’s typically the “truth” that “comes to the surface”. Why do these women act surprised? It’s unfortunate, but expected. They’re both cute, though.

  • Janae


    “do yall really expect these men with all this money to have one woman?”

    I expect ANY man that I’m involved with the have good character. But, I try to establish relationships with men who DO. There’s no reason why a “rich” man can’t be loyal to one woman. But, since they have the opportunity to have more than one, and since women accept their philandering ways (b/c they like the expensive lifestyle they lead), they do so.

  • Janae


    “TO have good character” (I just woke up.)

  • alpha54

    I’m pretty sure east coast – New York’s girlfriend (whom he’s been seeing since September 2008) knew about the west coast fiancée who been in his life for five years. He never took his eight months pregnant girlfriend around his family and that should have been her clue. He only socialize with her parents, her family and her friends and his friends (Men who cheats always stick together and won’t tell on each other) She sent the note because she wants west coast to bow out of the picture. When will athletes learn?

  • Janae

    @ alpha54

    “She sent the note because she wants west coast to bow out of the picture.”

    I didn’t even think about that, but I think you’re right.

  • MizASterling

    Riddle me this Blaque men:

    One Woman is too much…
    …but a thousand is never enough.

    I need an explanation, please.

  • Kool Breeze

    Same ole player stuff…this is the norm in that world ya know…next.

  • serene

    atleast their not fighting each other….cuz i never understood women being mad at the “other” woman…..

  • Lady Gaga is a Man

    he must’ve bought both them louis bags they rockin!

  • bmarie

    I’m sorry, I must be the only person who has no idea who this man is….

  • Janae

    @ bmarie

    “I’m sorry, I must be the only person who has no idea who this man is….”

    I didn’t know who he was either. I think when the article first posted it said “NBA player…” Otherwise, I don’t know where I got that idea. I don’t follow sports. So, if the gossip pages don’t give the info, I won’t know who these people are either.

  • manster

    “A man can be happy with any woman as long as he does not love her”-Oscar Wilde

  • ghihgihgihguguerrillafuufhulegal

    Yeah and Oscar Wilde was a known F@660t, which is probably why he didn’t love women. Wikipedia it my ni66a

  • sexyprettysista

    no faithfull men, sorry ladies their isn’t. buy yourself a vibrator, a box of chocolates and be happy by yourself

  • krakatoa

    These chicks knew the deal when they got with him. It’s pointless b i t c h ing a couple years down the line

  • The Real B.I.Z.

    Ok Ok… He’s a divorce, right? Both these chicks are expecting and hoping waaay too hard. He will probably never try to invest in a women in that way ever again (heart, love, and marriage). They know they can take it or leave. For Christ sakes, the girl is 25 years old. If she don’t know anything by now, too bad. I’m sure those 2 are not the only “2”… They should get a grip. And hey, they aren’t married. So really, get a grip. And posting crap across the internet, she must be really trying her luck. She must think the baby gives her the upper-hand?

  • thenxtgreat

    Do it Key…Take as many broads as you want.

  • Marquis de Sade

    I don’t see what the problem is. These groupies should know by now to never expect or demand fidelity while dating a professional athlete or celebrity. They should know the job was dangerous when they took it. Enjoy the ride until it runs out of g.a.s., then move on. These athletes need to get vasectomies, though, thus preventing any long term fleecing of their fortunes, due to the whole “BABY MAMA” drama thing.



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