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The Crown Act

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Kansas Lawmakers Consider The Crown Act To Prevent Discrimination Against Black Hair

It’s the year 2020 we STILL need LAWS to protect us from discrimination from white folks who hate on Black hairstyles.

According to KWCH, Kansas legislators are considering passing a new bill called The Crown Act that will prevent Black people from being ousted for their hair in schools, workplaces, and sports.

We’ve reported extensively on the myriad of Black people who have subjugated to oppression at the hands of “rules” that prevent us from wearing our hair in our natural state and beyond.

Senator Oletha Faust-Goudeau is the leading voice behind the bill and she’s sick and tired of the bulls#!t.

“It’s an emotional thing, this is real, this is real.” Sen. Faust-Goudeau emphasized. “I’ve heard nationally and locally where the young man will not be able to graduate high school if he does not cut his hair. We’ve heard some cases here locally where individuals have been terminated from their jobs.”

“Take for instance the Crown research study, they found that 80% of black women admitted to changing their hair to fit into the office,” Michele L. Watley of Shirley’s Kitchen Cabinet said. “The survey also found that 50% of black women were likely to be sent home from the workplace, because of their hairstyle and black women’s hair is 3.4 times more likely viewed as unprofessional.”

Our hair is a powerful thing, but it should not have the power to keep us from the opportunities necessary for a successful future in this country.

The Crown Act has not been taken up for debate by the Federal and State Affairs Committee quite yet, but we’re hopeful.

If you live in Kansas, make a call to your representative and put pressure on them to adopt this bill.


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