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Lil Wayne Remembers The Time He Had No Idea Who 21 Savage Was

Lil Wayne is a workaholic, which often times results in the rapper not knowing a whole lot about pop culture. To mark the release of his new project Funeral, Wayne finally stopped by Drink Champs for a lengthy interview, where he mentions multiple times that he’s not always the most aware of what’s going on in the industry.

This first came up during a series of rapid fire questions, when Wayne was asked whether he prefers Quality Control or Top Dawg Entertainment.

“I don’t know who TDE is,” he said. “See, that’s what happens. That’s what happens. I really thought he was asking me about quality-controlled music, so now I gotta go back…I’m not gonna lie. I damn sure thought we was talking about Floyd Mayweather, so that lets you know where I’m at with this type of shit. I’m into me and me only, man.”

Later on, the New Orleans native goes on to explain that he has a tendency to not recall other artists by name, which has resulted in many misunderstandings.

“I’ve ran into a bunch of artists that had problems with me saying before that I don’t know them publicly and saying that I don’t know who that person was or maybe mistaking that person,” he explained. “I remember I mistaked 21 Savage for a damn group. When they asked me [about him] I said ‘They got 21 fucking lil rappers in one group?’ I was so serious. I was like, ‘Man, that’s like a new Wu-Tang, right?’ And the person with the mic was like ‘You serious right now, huh?’ and I was like ‘I’m very serious.'”

Ahhhh, only Lil Wayne…

His full Drink Champs interview is on TIDAL now, but you can check it out on Youtube when it premieres on February 1:


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