Workin Up a Sweat

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Alicia Keys performed at the Summer Jam Concert in Rutherford, NJ recently – wearing the ish outta them jeans, if we may add. Check out more of the semi-buxom songstress in the thumbs.

Images via WENN

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  • KAM

    She looks great!!


    Love Keys…but the girl cant dance to save a life!!

  • T-Fab!!!

    AK has stepped her game up, she still looks fab sweaty and all!!

  • justareader

    OMG, i can’t believe i’m like the fourth person.!! she is looking so great, she really came into her womanhood!! go ahead Alicia!

  • Vinandi

    lmao- she looks like she’s about to take a dump! she comes from the Mary J, Assie, Kelis and Ashanti school of dancing!

    she;s still fine though!!

  • caramelsundae

    She looks hot!

  • icecream08

    yea…she looks cute…sexi sexi

  • RAF

    her stomach looking like its being held in by them tight jeans..need to get them crunches in a lil bit.

  • meather

    She looks fat in this picture. You can view her other better looking pictures on

  • Trini Chica BK (AKA) As a matter of Fact

    I like Alicia Keys…She looks very average in the second pic with the jeans wrapped tightly around her waist squeezing a little belly fat (aka muffin top)…I think the jeans she wearing could use more spandex…about 4%….that should work.

  • dayg715

    um, somebody needs to do some crunches ASAP!!!! pudge is NOT cute.

  • Younique

    well i was gonna leave a comment….but i guess shaniqua dont live here no more

  • caramelsundae

    alicia is the type of girl who can have a tiny bit of stomach and still look sexxy as hell..yall need to quit hatin

  • Til You Do Right By Me...

    It’s called being a woman and not a stick. Yeah a few crunches would have made it look even better but so what she’s not fat! She looks great! Stop the hate!

  • Til You Do Right By Me...

    @ Caramelsundae…..Amen!

  • lil latte

    She probably has a little bit of bloating from that time of the month…It’s not like she is fat or even a little bit out of shape!

  • chris chris

    That Shaniqua ish just irritated the hell outta me


    Alicia Keys look beautiful thick. There is nothing like a mixed breed healthy bsomewhat black woman in tight ass fitting jeans. Im sure her girlfriend oops I mean husband loves it.

  • finesseyoswagger

    next time lay low on the ORANGE GLO LICI’!

  • Your all Freakin' Nazi's!

    AK is so unladylike!

    close your damn legs, you are not a male!

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  • LdyK

    SHE LOOKS NICE…NOT FEELING THE Liberacci/Prince boots

  • Sharie

    I love Alicia but I must say her jeans are a little too tight. Her stomach falling over is not a good look…..

  • InsertDopeWordsHere

    Damn. Alicia is too fly. I can only pray to look like her at that age, better yet at this age. You go girl.

  • I cant say...

    Shout out to er’ body who was at the show lstnt!! Alicia Keys rocked it and yes them jeans were working!! no homo She brought out the Wu (meth, ghost and raekwon)

    Lil Wayne was the show stopper, POINT BLANK. He played his electic guitar and went freestyle for a minute and ended with Whitney’s version “And I will always love you” as a dedication to the crowd, it was great…

    I was pissed at the youngings for not being able to vibe with PUBLIC ENEMY!!!

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