When Weaves and Lace Frontin Goes Wrong

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Naomi Campbell’s hairline is deteriorating:

Naomi Campbell is going bald, a friend says. The fiesty supermodel, 38, started losing her hair 15 years ago, fashion photographer Huggy Ragnarsson told Britain’s The Sun newspaper. And her flowing locks are to blame. Campbell’s tresses began falling out after years of having hair extensions, Ragnarsson says. She was reportedly warned about the risks, but chose to ignore them. The model, who was charged last week for alleged assault on an airline, appeared to have a receeding hairline as she left a London police station on May 29. “That’s been happening for a while,” Ragnarsson said. “The hair stylist Sam McKnight said to me in the ’90s, ‘She’d better be careful with those weaves, she’s going to lose her hair.'”

That’s real. Words of advice to the ladies who do rock faux hair, let that scalp breathe occasionally..your hairline will thank you in the end. Don’t be ashamed to rock the snatch-back from time to time.

Source, Images via WENN

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  • caramelsundae

    Thats what happens when u wear those lacefronts too long….but what i dont understand is she could have moved her lacefront down further to hide the balding spots


    Her sh*t looks…I cant fint a word to describe…it looks like pub hair that is trying to grow back

  • meather

    She is so beautiful. Love her style. I am a single girl from Blacklatinmeet.com

  • Al-Anon

    She’s going to look a hot mess if she has to do some time in jail.

    We’ll see if there’s real beauty under all that madness!!

  • T-Fab!!!

    oh dear!

    maybe that why she’s so angry and always throwing tantrums

  • Virgo911..

    She should try Dr. Miracle’s Temple balm (or something like that)…that lacefront glue and continuously getting hair sewn in can’t be good for the scalp…

  • MarieDaGuru

    I’m back…….

    Yall better get off my girl Nay-Nay.

    “When We’ve and Lacefronts go Wrong?” Are you kidding me?

    She makes anything look good. She could go bald and still be the baddest on this here planet.

    Trust, if she wanted to have that hairline covered up she could do it. She just doesn’t want to. Hell, we all see that Vivica’s hairline stops at the top of her head, and next thing you know her lacefront hid all of that ish. Puhlease. Many woman shave their hair that far back on purpose.

    I will defend her to the end.

  • MarieDaGuru




    Um how can you clam another woman to be the baddest on the planet? You are suppose to keep that title for yourself…look…

    NIKKI UNDERWOOD is the baddest b*tch in the Galaxy!!!

  • Ms. T

    Get rid of the weave Naomi..you are beautiful without it!!!

  • caramelsundae


    thats so true…lol


    Opps *claim*…typizzy!!!

  • finesseyoswagger

    time to get a C-Dawg Naomi!

    shave that ish off and stick to rugs cuz that recedo is steady runnin’ back to da 50 yardline…


    These chics with all these weaves need to take a break. By the time all these black women reach menopause they will all be wearing wigs not weaves. Because all their assess will be bald headed. Like Willie D. from the Ghetto Boys said in one of his famous songs,”I see some baldheaded hoes.”


  • glok9n


  • Your all Freakin' Nazi's!

    she aint going bald because of genetics.

    because her mom still got a full head of hair.

    Ill tell you why, with this obsession to look “YT” she put all that horse hair in her head.

    and she got it locked in tight so you can’t see her natural curls. So that crap has been pulling at her scalp and now her hair has gave in and now coming out.

    I hope she lose every single strand!! that will teach that blackberry throwing, 15-year old acting childish, british trash!!!

  • MarieDaGuru

    Um how can you clam another woman to be the baddest on the planet? You are suppose to keep that title for yourself…look…

    NIKKI UNDERWOOD is the baddest b*tch in the Galaxy!!!


    Nikki, you are right! I do think I’m the baddest non-famous person, ever!

    I just think Naomi is the baddest famous person in hollyweird.



    My edges are important to me too!!!

  • Harlem Chic


    Not only should you lay off the weave; lay off the Botox. The cheeks on your face make you look like a baboon’s ass.

  • $m♥K.E.Y.

    with all that money she need to find another alternative to how she wears her hair

    either that or rock some serious bangs or a very short wig.

    she ain’t the only one that got her hairline pushed back.



    I see ya…but dont throw that non famous in there!!! Own that sh*t!!! Then hoes just got money!!! If I had they doe I would be the baddest in the Milky Way…ya feel me? Not a space alien or Mermaid could touch me LOL!!!!!!

  • Just Sayin

    No wonder she is always mad! She should think about putting some raw aloe vera and olive oil a couple times a week will bring those edges right back.

  • $m♥K.E.Y.


    You have a point that she would still be beautiful bald headed, but c’mon gurl….

    You know this sistah ain’t walking around white folks with her natural naps or

    a bald head. Could you picture Beyonce, Ciara, Tyra, Ashanti, etc all with no weaves!

    Highly Unlikely! I know of black woman who can only see themselves

    as beautiful if they portray a certain look, they would never go natural

    or bald. The risk alopecia then save their roots!

  • $m♥K.E.Y.

    Ohh I forgot to put Oprah up there too…her with no weave and nautral!

  • *****

    What the hell is a snatch-back?

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