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Woman Uses Vagina Scented Fragrance To Attract Men

Throughout history, women have used various creative tactics to attract a partner. Even in the animal kingdom, the females use special tricks and colors and scents to kick off mating season. But who knew that going au naturale would be the perfect solution to attracting a partner — and we’re not talking about #teamNoMakeup.

In her book The Game Of Desire, sexologist Shan Boodram claims to have worn her own natural vagina scent several times over the years and noted how people often “flock to her”. To further prove her theory, Shan asked three of her clients to try it out.

“I instructed them to wash their hands, get in a stall and then move their finger around their vaginal opening. The goal was to get a sample from the Bartholin’s glands, which are the size of a pea but play a large role in vaginal lubrication. [I] then asked them to rub “a good amount of wetness” on their pulse points and around their collarbone and neck.”

Shan’s clients claimed that the experiment didn’t get them anymore attention than they were getting beforehand, however, wanted to wash off their “perfume” at the end of the night. Shan concluded:

“[Vagina scented fragrance] makes women act in a bolder, more confident manner” which, in turn, could make them appear more attractive. I am certain that every single time I employ it, it makes me feel like an enchanted goddess with a delicious scent.”

The sexologist isn’t too far off in her assumption. Studies have also found that men find women more attractive when they’re ovulating – including thinking their sweat smells sweet and getting “more possessive” of their partners around this time.

Even Gwyneth Paltrow is down with the Vag scented lifestyle. Would you try it?




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