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Vice president Joe Biden in South Carolina

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Congressional Black Caucus Demands Apology From Biden Surrogate Dick Harpootlian

The 2020 Presidential campaign is getting very tense and unsurprisingly so. The specter of Donald Trump winning another term looms over the heads of the voting populous, the candidates, and their surrogates. Every single vote matters and anything in the way of those votes has to be removed from the equation, to quote T.I., expeditiously.

Enter the Congressional Black Caucus. According to NBCNews, about half of the 45-member group is demanding the Joe Biden disavow, denounce, and distance himself from recent remarks made by his friend Sen. Dick Harpootlian that many deem racist.

The idea of a white man talking about how Black people have been “bought” by another rich white man is at the very least terrible f***ing optics for a candidate in Joe Biden who’s lost a lil’ steam lately. He NEEDS South Carolina’s vote and the Congressional Black Caucus has the power to deny him that if he doesn’t fly right.

“We ask that he do it publicly, and that he do it now,” House Minority Leader Todd Rutherford said. “His refusal to do so will not go over well in the black community, and it certainly will not go over well with members of the Black Caucus that are standing behind me.”

Oh, Harpootlian also has this to say:

Harpootlian also told the Post and Courier newspaper of South Carolina: “He told me he was with Joe Biden until Mr. Moneybags showed up.” He continued: “This is what happens when billionaires get involved, whether it’s Donald Trump or Tom Steyer. They just buy things. They don’t have to persuade anybody, they just buy them.”

Tread. Very. Lightly, gentlemen.



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