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Man Burns $1 Million Cash To Avoid Paying His Ex-Wife Spousal Support

According to The Ottawa Citizen, a Canadian businessman is reportedly so intent on not paying spousal support that he told a judge in Superior Court that he set fire to more than $1 million cash.

Bruce McConville, 55, claimed that after selling properties and businesses behind the back of his ex, he then burned up $743,000 in September and an additional $296,000 in December.

This is reportedly one of many attempts from McConville to subvert a court order that dictated he file an affidavit over his finances, which remain a complete mystery.

Because there’s no record on just how much he brings in, the courts are unable to calculate how much he should pay in child/spousal support.

McConville told the judge that he made up to 25 withdrawals from half-dozen bank accounts to rack up $1,050,000 in cash. He says that he “destroyed it.”

McConville was later sentenced to 30 days in a Canadian jail and was threatened with future incarceration that would make that seem like a “walk in the park” after refusing to be straight forward with the judge about his finances and businesses.

The judge decided that McConville’s penalty will be a 30-day sentence, with an added bonus of a $2,000 per day fine until he gives an honest account of his finances to the court. The judge says that that fine also won’t count as future child or spousal support.

“It may well be, therefore, that your remaining assets, equity in the home and RRSPs, etc., end up entirely in the hands of (your ex-wife)..If that’s the result you are trying to bring about, then so be it. But you cannot thumb your nose at the court as you have done.”

The judge suggested that he clean up his act or the fine would surely wipe out his finances.


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