Melyssa Ford “Turns the Other Cheek”

- By Bossip Staff

The theme for Melyssa Ford’s Alter Ego photo shoot with photographer Derek Blanks was “Thick Skin vs. Thin Skin.” The image speaks for itself, but make sure you continue on to see the “full spread.”

Flip the script to see her painted Croc Cakes…

SMH. That’s a whole lotta booty. Good lord.

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  • Yoda


    Yummy, I feel like Capt. Kirk right now. I’d do that croc.

  • Yoda

    I guess I was 4th, lol

  • Yoda

    She looks horrible as a white woman, but as a black woman, she’s perfect. Thank God for the apple bottom.

  • yo


  • Peter Pan

    of course she doesn’t look good as a white woman.
    her skull is african.

  • Britt

    WTF Are those herpes bumps or zosters coming out of her back. I mean she has a nice body and all, but whatever.

  • 1TruDiva with the PlatinumVocals--Remembering Shaniya!!

    What in the name of all that’s good…….?

  • Kia

    Wow, what a beautiful woman. I think the turn she attempting to make w her career is courageous.

  • drenk

    how quick til someone calls it racist…?

  • Sheneneh

    racist!!..Lol just kidding 🙂

  • The Bear...YES I'm BACK

    They were going for a reptilian effect with the scales and horns and spikes on her back. And if you look closely at the thin skinned Melissa you’ll notice you can see her veins right through her skin. Very artistic if I may say so myself.

  • Re

    Pretty artistic…I was kind of creeped out, but it’s pretty neat.

  • Big G

    She is much more than a big butt and a smile!


    Hey Re

    I agree. It is pretty artistic. I wish I could do an alter ego shoot.

  • Kool Breeze

    Ugly picture…but that a.z.z of melyssa’s is pure unadulterated african booty.

  • Re


    Hey honey…no pun intended 😉

    If I did one, I’d have to be dressed as a clown vs dressed as a super professional school teacher. I think it represents both sides of me (extremely silly but I present myself seriously at work)…


    LOL!!! I would have to do something to represent my good girl side of me and the bad girl/freaky side of me that no one really knows about. LOL

  • Re


    Shhh…don’t “tells” alls yo secrets!

  • Miss B

    Very different. I like it. But I hink I’m not truly understanding the concept… A black woman with braid wrapped, croc skin as if from the motherland. A white woman w/ veins and heart open…. I’m a bit confused as to “Thick skin vs. Thin Skin” as it related to race.

    What do others think the picture is portraying?

  • Oya

    all of you talking about how bad she looks as white women know that her mother is white. She doesn’t look that bad in either picture. Very beautiful!

  • Miss B

    Okay, since it’s an Alter Ego shoot, guess it’s saying sometimes she has think skin and sometimes she doesn’t….

    So sometimes she’s transparent and her heart is open, and other times her skin is thick as croc skin and her emotions aren’t worn on her shoulder???? I think… B/c I am not thinking it has much to do with her being a black and white woman.

  • Carmen

    STFU tupactu! This is art and tastefully done. The only time blacks get offended is when whites do that stupid minstrel crap with the jet black shoe polish, nappy wig and huge red lips.

  • Miss B

    Well, whatever it portrays…. it’s a cool photo

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