What The Hell???: “Kick A Ginger Day” Leaves Three Juveniles Arrested!

- By Bossip Staff

The show “South Park” started a fad a couple of years ago that has evolved into a new form of prejudice against Gingers. For all of you in the dark; a Ginger is a person with red hair and freckles:

Sheriff’s officials say three boys have been arrested in connection with at least seven attacks on red-haired students at a local middle school after a Facebook group announced “Kick a Ginger Day.” Two 12-year-old students at A.E. Wright Middle School were arrested on suspicion of battery on school property, and a 13-year-old boy was accused of threatening to inflict injury by means of electronic communication, also known as “cyber-bullying,” said Steve Whitmore, spokesman for the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department.

The boys were booked Wednesday. They have been released to the custody of their parents. No one was seriously injured in the Nov. 20 attacks at A.E. Wright Middle School. The investigation is ongoing. Some 25 juveniles have been questioned by investigators in connection with the attacks, which were apparently inspired by an episode of the “South Park” cartoon series.

The three arrested were among eight male students identified as the possible culprits, according to sheriff’s officials. The first reported victim was a 12-year-old boy in the seventh grade, said sheriff’s Lt. Scott Chew of the Malibu-Lost Hills Station. Investigators say he was kicked and beaten by classmates in two separate incidents.

“He was accosted by seventh and then eighth-graders,” said Lt. Richard Erickson of the Los Angeles County sheriff’s department. “He was kicked and hit with fists in various areas of the body.” His injuries were not severe enough to require hospitalization, though detectives said they were pursuing the investigation as a possible assault with a deadly weapon.

Several other students also may have been attacked, Chew said. The attacks were allegedly inspired by a 2005 episode of the animated TV show “South Park” which focused on prejudice against “gingers,” a label given to people with red hair, fair skin, and freckles. Detectives investigated if the assaults were related to “kick a ginger day,” which began last year when some young people circulated messages on the Internet urging people to beat up redheads on Nov. 20.

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  • Proud ArmyWifee

    That is crazy


  • http://www.soapdish.socialgo.com Saytoodles

    Prejudice takes on a new face at every turn.

  • LikeItIS

    Gingers are cute…I know a black Ginger!

  • Sheneneh

    I’m glad they got in trouble for that…at least it wasn’t kick a n***a day


    @ Sheneneh

    You are crazy.
    But these kids are crazy. They need some old fashioned a.s.s whippings.

  • bubbles

    @Sheneneh i think the n**a would be the one arrested.

    and i totally agree with honey

  • Nique

    They scare me….



    LOL@ Nique

    Ummm there is a ginger I want to kick at work. She is chubby and eats McDonalds EVERYDAY…and she never puts paper in the copy machine…

  • KeepNit2Real


    I’ll fill up yo copy machine baybaaaaaaaaaaaay….haha

  • nywoman23


  • Is Rihanna's sharp n pointy witchy fingernails took the oath banned?

    I’m a ginger and I wish a mofo would try to kick me. It would be on and poppin. Kids making fun, ok, but putting your hands/feet on someone is grounds to get the s h i t beat out of you!

  • CICI

    LOL! Nikki

  • Steph


  • Bossip sucks

    You know I asked my sister the other day about not seeing too many people around anymore with red hair. Its sad, I think red headed people are beautiful.

  • drenk

    id rather be dead than red in the head!!!

  • Is Rihanna's sharp n pointy witchy fingernails took the oath banned?

    id rather be red than dead in the head!!!

  • Is Rihanna's sharp n pointy witchy fingernails took the oath banned?

    I rise with my red hair and eat men like air-Sylvia Plath

  • G


  • nywoman23


  • lakaina

    just google redheads and you will find tons of good looking gingers… too bad they are dying out.

  • Is Rihanna's sharp n pointy witchy fingernails took the oath banned?

    you’re a brunette, right? right and you’re not good looking. from the looks of it, you could have benefitted from some orthodontic work.

  • Kenya Dig It?

    I was wondering why my brother would keep kicking me a while back! A little over a week ago he would kick me for no dang reason! He’s a huge southpark fan and I’m a ginger (and yes I’m Black). I knew it wasn’t random. What a loser. LOL. He could have a least told me. LOL.

  • Dirty Diana...Let Me Be ♪

    If ppl could hate ppl because the colour of their skin this is no surprise to me. hell nothing surprises me these days.
    i like gingers and i’m black

  • Rhoyalegold

    LOVES Ginger Men! Yummy! 🙂

  • Tara (Rebel to the Madness...)

    These children who beat up others for a silly made up event, are LOSERS! I am happy they were arrested and hopefully will be charged. They were being followers instead of being a leader/own individual.

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