White Woman Sentenced To Probation For Racist Attack Against Black Salesman

Complexion For Protection: Violent Soup Cookie Dodges Prison Time After Beating Black Car Salesman And Calling Him “Ni**er”

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White Woman Sentenced To Probation For Racist Attack Against Black Salesman

The audacity of caucacity is feeling free to violently attack a Black person while hurling racist epithets like “ni**er” while fully expecting to never be held accountable.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is exactly what a Grand Rapids, Michigan white woman name Shelly Hueckel expected and that’s exactly what she got.

According to Click On Detroit, Hueckel was looking to trade-in her car last year and upon talking to Black car salesman Terrence Smith she was given what she deemed to be an unsatisfactory offer. But instead of negotiating a better price like a rational, non-racist human, Shelley lost her muthaf***in’ mind. The malevolent mayo manipulator struck Smith numerous times and knocked off his glasses all while calling him all kinds of “ni**ers”.

Hueckel was convicted of misdemeanor assault but found not guilty on the felony charge of racial intimidation. To make matters worse Judge Paul Sullivan let this heffa off the hook BIG TIME with an offensive sentence of two years probation. Prior to sentencing, Smith made a tearful plea to have Shelley locked up for the 93-day maximum that her assault allows.

“I was … assaulted for no reason and called a (N-word) over and over again at that point, it took every ounce of strength in me to restrain myself from defending myself, and I did it: I stood tall through an incredibly hard moment,” Smith recalled.

Here’s the weak-ass apology Shelley offered for her hate crime:

“Nothing excuses my actions, but I’m deeply sorry for the pain I have caused in his life,” she said.

Apparently, that’s all it takes to get a white woman absolved from a hate crime.



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