New Jersey is Ready To Legalize Medical Weed

- By Bossip Staff

New Jersey is said to be ready to legalize marijuana by the end of the year.  Pop the top for the details.

According to NORML, the following states have medical marijuana laws in place already Alaska, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington. With no East Coast state representation for legal weed, New Jersey would be a powerful step towards getting the East Coast back in the game. Incoming NJ Governor and Republican Chris Christie says he’ll support the bill if it has “enough restrictions.”

Put your lighters up…

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  • Ms. J

    It’s about time!

  • drenk



    I love him…



    Jehovah? Does he smoke?

  • drenk

    now is he the one with all the witnesses?

  • Huh?

    Ain’t NOBODY happier than Redman. Cept for my cousin Rico…cause that negro can smoke some smokes.

  • HaHaHaTooFunny

    I live in NJ, and they been saying that for a minute but it may be true now, well maybe, they are trying to get it legalized before the new governor get into office (isht they trying to get a lot of isht done before he get up in there)… well see.

  • Kigali

    Red Man was a beast. Where is he?

  • Kia VA

    Who wrote this? Maryland is on the east coast genius! doesn’t California and Oregon already have stores that you can purchase medical weed?

  • http://Bossip Bliss

    OK… Time for me to start looking for houses in NJ! D.C… I’m leaving this town!!!

  • Carmen

    I still would never move to NJ.

  • PradaMaMa


  • Krusher Kronkite

    This is the day I was praying for. Its long overdue,Jersey is definitely in the building, too bad NY LOL! 908 Stand UP!

  • devil's advocate

    Yes!!!! I live in Jersey…Can’t wait to light one up in the privacy of my home w/o neighbors b!tchin’

  • devil's advocate

    tax it…drug dealers are skimp with they’re baggies anyway. I went to Cali and I got two grams of that good at the dispensary for less than I would have spent on 4 dimes in Jerz.

  • wash ya a**

    yall stupid idiots….its better to keep it the way it is … yall really want govt a part of your cheifing????? think about it

  • dumdown

    How the hell is Maryland East Coast? how many hours do you have to drive to get to a real beach on the ocean from MD or DC? Coast = near the water. attitude and culture is EC but not the geography.

  • drenk

    @ LYRICS

    i hear ya, the man will tax us out the @$$ BUT on the off chance i get busted for tryin to pick up a dub sack. THAT would likely cost me my job, court fees, lawyer fees and how many hours of community service as well as AA or some type of drug counseling i’d be FORCED to attend

  • Sassychick

    @ dumdown… Maryland has several beaches. The real question should be… What is a REAL beach?

  • S a s s y chick

    @ dumdown… Maryland has several beaches. The real question should be… What is a REAL beach

  • lisamillz

    *Dreaming wit Texas M***f**a about the day they put dem s h i t s in place fo’ da souf*
    *SIGHS* maybe….one day

  • y.y


  • s


  • hotgal

    Yep I’m moving to Jersey!! Then again I wonder if that medical weed got that kick like the home grown think about it!!!!

  • dirtyjerz

    Yea they been talkin for a minute but lets see this isht actually happen and ill be a happy lady….JERSEY STAND UP! love that good piff, lets see it legalized and here in p town the whole daym city from the bottom of market st up to the Towers and the north side be covered with a big ol cloud of smoke

    real talk tho, LET THEM TAX THAT ISHT….Becuz some of us, Aint got the freedom to spare, gettin caught smokin that piff. Let me tell u, U can say all u want bout, tax this tax that, leave it how it is i dont want no government in my smoke, but once that azz is on probation (I kno I aint the only one in here!) Then maybe you gonna be on some other isht! mayn, Ima be on this isht another 2 n a half years, so I think ill pay that lil bit extra if I need to do that to get my smoke on without my PO tryna get me locked up on a silly azs VOP charge, thank u! Sh!t, I got 2 felony’s and a misdemeanor, I cant afford to be messin around with no ganja, theyll send my azz to jail right quick, thats why i aint smoke since i got on this b.s. at the beginning of this year so u already kno how I feel bout that. do wat u gotta do…long as i can smoke that good isht without stressin that Ima get send down to Clinton, ill pay wat I got ta….Shh!iiit…..

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