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Posted by Bossip Staff

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is no longer tied down. He has divorced his wife of 10 years.

Click HERE to read more about their break up, including the the settlement amount and Dwayne’s personal statement.

Fill in the Blank: Now that “The Rock” is divorced, don’t feel bad about wanting to _______________________.

Image via WENN

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  • EFG


  • Nia

    Doing men in the Butt!!!!

  • alicespring

    This dude is found on a free dating service Not sure what kind of relationship he is looking for.

  • Kay

    wanting to have that man blow my damn back out!!! Good lawd that man is fine as hell!!!!

  • Michelle Stephens

    Lick his big “rock”

  • I'm Just Me

    …f*ck the shyt outta him! (not in this pic but some others…hOLLA)

    HE could get it….espeically with that eyebrow up!

  • beautiful b

    ……cover him in something sweet and have at it.

  • Bran Bran

    Don’t feel bad about wanting to……

    Smelllllllllllll what the ROCK is “cooking”!!!


    Dont feel bad about asking him to cop some Rogaine…

  • Gee Love

    start a search for his hairline. Heard Aunt Viv saw it when she was looking for hers.

  • Official TimeHater

    Don’t feel bad about forcing him to gain about 15 pounds and then riding him backwards cowgirl style.

  • samech

    ……..having him for myself………

  • Kompton's Kutie

    Now that “The Rock” is divorced, don’t feel bad about wanting to……..Umm, LOL! I can’t say that!

  • juju

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  • dayg715

    …..suck him until he’s dehydrated.

  • Rockmebaby

    See picks of his new girlfriend.. that I’ve heard people talking about are various blogs. The talk is she’s a black sista who sings.. who puts his ex to shame. Rockmebaby anytime!

  • Til You Do Right By Me...

    Dang, ya’ll took all the good ones!

    Ya’ll are some funny ass people..these post are hilarious! LOL!!!!

  • k.k

    Fukk Him 😀


    FOR REAL… 🙂

    HE’S HOT!

  • Necy

    ladies, ladies CALM DOWN please!!! ohhhh what the hell.. He is FINE as can be !!! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Deliciousness………..


    i would peoples elbow him in the lip in front of the millions, AND MILLIONS of his fans. lol

  • monique

    tur his ass up!

  • candy

    eat him!! mmmmm yummy

  • spanishbutterfly


    Bran Bran i was thinkin the exact thing the moment i read the ” fill in the blank”

    OOO Rock the things i would do to ur body would get me arrest in 49

  • Ms. Toni

    All I can say is mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm! I would definitely love to TASTE what the Rock is cooking!! LOL

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