Coupled Up???

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Model Selita Ebanks was allegedly spotted out on the town with Kanye West last night:

“Selita Ebanks isn’t crying over ex-fiancé Nick Cannon, who just married Mariah Carey. The Victoria’s Secret hottie partied with Kanye West, who recently split with his fiancée, at Tenjune Saturday night. They were spotted trying to sneak out together late that night after dining upstairs. They looked ‘cozy’ when they left, according to a spywitness outside. ‘They were trying to be inconspicuous, but they were smiling and walking real close, and they hopped in a waiting car together laughing and took off.'”

Whatever happened to her poo-poo casanova Osi Umenyiora?? Did they call it quits or is Lil Miss Bobblehead getting her creep on?

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  • da darkness

    y he grabbing ol pops

  • Bran Bran


  • Bran Bran


    Wow, hope this isn’t true, no disrespect to Selita, but she’s beeen AROUND!

  • KAM

    Boy, she gets around quickly.

  • Shootingstar

    Cute couple.

  • juju

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  • African princess

    There’s nothing wrong with being single and dating, but she goes around fast. He can do better.

  • alicespring

    My friends insist on that them met via a online dating service which is a niche interracial dating service.

  • Southern Belle 225

    Is it possible that they can be having a one night stand? Either way, who cares if she gets around? Who cares if he gets around? They are both making my tummy bubble right about now.

  • Til You Do Right By Me...

    I guess she ran for the hills when she heard about Osi’s strange and freaky poo poo request!

  • k.k

    oh no0o kanye leave her alone wait for me!hahaha sikes 😀 but yea i see kanye startin to get his PIMPing game on: Playaz In Management Position

  • WordzOfaProphet

    well u know how they do it……KEEP IT N DA CIRCLE. Jus filthy


    Whats up with the passing around the celebs do amongst each other?

  • Christina

    If that were Kim Kardashian, people would have huge fits and talk about her all day long, instead of the, ‘oh she is single and what’s wrong with dating 100 guys?’ mentality. Funny, hypocritical comedy!

    *note: Not that I am defending Kim, just an observation because I am not fond of her either…

  • glok9n


  • Keesha

    @ Miss Lady Jordan

    If my comments cause a riot up in here then that’s really sad. This is a celebrity site. It’s not that serious. I’m just giving my opinion and that’s what I will continue to do. Like it or not.

  • Miss Lady Jordan

    Ok well I dont care what you do you just sound stupid for bringing up kim k just to hate on her lol….I was just saying we’re not talking about her in this post we’re talking about selitas hoe ass so if you feel like ranting/raving/hating on kim, go to the post that says her name. like it or not.

  • Caruhmella 2008

    I wish i had Kim Kardashian’s looks and class. She’s a true lady, unlike Keesha.

  • Miss Lady Jordan

    LOL @ Keesha …Yes I know what a comparison is…but usually you compare things that are comparable…kim k and selita are not comparable. As everyone can comment on what they want, this is also for interraction between people so if I feel like what you said is garbage then that how I feel.

  • da darkness

    @keesha i told you shhhhh… you don’t listen well. ADHD huh? yeah you’re a pop. Selita she one to.

  • InsertDopeWordsHere

    Damn, and I figured.. “when he got on he’d leave her ass for a white girl..”. Oh well, there is always next week.

  • Akimbo

    NO. Kanye knows better than this.

  • Keesha

    @ glok9n

    Your welcome!!!

    @ da darkness

    Your so retarted all I can do is laugh and hope you take your meds soon.

    @ Miss Lady Jordan

    I think i’m done with you. Your not entertaining me anymore. Conversation over.

  • Miss Lady Jordan


  • Caruhmella 2008

    @ Keesha

    But i’m you in the present. Why’re you livin’ in the past? Kim Kardashian is soooo two years ago. Let her go…Only then can you/we find peace. Let us meld.

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