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Say yes to the mess and another (early) “Married At First Sight” breakup.

A popular couple on season 10 of  Lifetime show is apparently over after one of them filed for an annulment. Meka and Michael are officially done according to RealityTV World who found official court documents showing that Michael went to court to dissolve his marriage claiming he was “defrauded” into marrying his (now ex) spouse.

According to Michael’s court complaint, he signed up for MAFS with pure intentions. He believed Married at First Sight’s matchmakers intended to select someone who would be “compatible with him in order to establish a committed and lasting marriage” but instead Michael says it was all a sham.

The complaint claims that Michael now believes he was defrauded by Married at First Sight and the “actual goal” was to put him into a marriage that would create “drama and excitement” for television.

Now, we’d be remiss not to note that MAFS has been accused by fans of doing this in the past. A few seasons ago viewers saw a GOD AWFUL pairing between couple Luke and Kate that included Luke telling his wife he felt “dead inside” when they kissed.

“Given everything that has transpired between then and now, [Michael] now believes he was defrauded into this process and the legal marriage that ensued, as it appears that the actual goal of the ‘experiment’ was not to form lasting, committed unions but rather to create drama and excitement for television ratings,” Michael’s attorney wrote in the filing reports Reality TV World.

If he had known that, Michael would not have married Meka, he claims.

“Had [Michael] been aware of that prior to agreeing to participate, [he] would not have agreed to participate, and would not have legally married [Meka],” the filing states.

RealityTV World reports that the couple was married on August 5 and “officially separated” on October 1, reportedly on the show’s “Decision Day” when all the couples are asked if they’ll remain together. Also, interestingly enough the court docs show that Meka’s legal name is actually Kwaneja Jones, something Michael said he also didn’t know about the woman he signed up to marry.

Michael filed for an annulment on January 21, less than three weeks after that messy Brandon Reid/Taylor Dunklin split.

As previously reported it was the grand opening and grand closing for the couple after Brandon filed for an annulment on Jan. 2. Brandon’s move to file was unprecedented in the history of the show and marked the first time someone’s ended their marriage before wedding episodes even finished airing.

Brandon reportedly accused Taylor of adultery and said she only signed up for the show for “publicity and exposure.”


If you’re distraught by the split, don’t be. There are still three couples left who hopefully (but not probably) will stay together.


Who are YOU rooting for on “Married At First Sight”?



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